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Book Review: As Snow Falls

Book – As Snow Falls


Author – Elle Klass
Star rating – ★★★☆☆
Plot – simple to follow
Characters – a lot, but you barely see most of them.

Movie Potential – ★★★★☆ (there would be dialogue, at least)
Ease of reading – very easy to read
Cover – ✔
Suitable Title – ✔
Would I read it again – Probably Not


I think my big problem with this book is that there’s no dialogue (except for one or two pieces at the very end) The story is told totally through the eyes of one person, in descriptive first person. Unfortunately, I didn’t like this character (I don’t think she was ever given a name, either.)

To start with, there were 5 pages of description about the weather (snowing), the mountaintop and a cabin. It felt unnecessary in the beginning, and even in the end, once I knew what the story was about. I don’t think it added anything, but maybe someone else will see it differently, I don’t know. It wasn’t an attention grabber for me, and the memories of an old woman, as she watches the snow fall, told through description, just didn’t keep my interest. I kept reading because it was short.

I found it really difficult to connect to the characters, because the only opinion or POV we had was this MC, whose name remains unknown. (If we did get told it, then I can’t remember) I connect to my characters through their actions and their way of interacting with other people; since there was none of this, I didn’t feel for any of the characters at all.

This was basically a family saga, told in a short story format. It followed the life of the MC from birth to death, and told of her kids, grandkids and great-grandkids. Unfortunately for me, I really didn’t like her, form early on in the story. She was very self-involved, selfish and barely stopped to think of what consequences her actions would have for other people. Yet, annoyingly, she got her happily ever after, with the person she wanted. In fact, she got everything she wanted, and everyone seemed to forgive her far too easily. If she’d just been held accountable for mistreating people, then she would have become a better person.

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