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Read 4 Review Follow-Up #2

Phew! Finally getting a handle on my TBR list. I’ve put together a schedule for all the books that are waiting to be read for my blog. I’ll be reading them by size, so that I get the smallest books out the way first, therefore powering through more of the books waiting to be read and reviewed. I’m going to try to read Equilibrium in between. It’s a big book, but I want to finish what I’ve started. Wish me luck!

This is not the order in which I’ll be reading these books, but it’s the order of length and importance that I’d like to stick to. I hope to complete two or three of these books by the end of next week. As much as I’d love to read these in the order they were given to me, it doesn’t make any sense. I owe every author here a review, for these books and I want to please as many people as I can, especially since my previous ill health over the last year has meant that I’ve had some of these for far too long. There are people here who have been waiting almost a year, for a review, and I’m not happy about that. But, in order to keep everyone happy, I want to complete as many books as I can, in a short amount of time. Therefore, I’m sticking to my decision to read the shorter books first.

I’ve got a spreadsheet, which details what book, author, and length the book is. Then I have them organised by Read-4-Review status, of which some of them are not, and then organised by which Read-4-Review books are the shortest to longest and the most important to get completed.

As of the 2nd (this is a scheduled post), here are the list of books I’ve got left to read:

(I will be ticking them off, once complete, until next month. Then I’ll repeat this post, if necessary.)


heart Laika in Lisan – Maron Anrow ✔

heart Eve, The Soul Reaper – Leonard Clifton ✔

heart A Patient in Time: Jojutsu – John Robinson

heart The Black Eagle Inn – Christoph Fischer

heart Chronicles of the Secret Prince #1 and #2 – M.J. Bell

heart The Elders and Welders Chronicles #1 and #2 – Margaret Foxe

heart Guardian of Souls – Lee Appleby

heart The Commons (The Journeyman #1) – Michael Alan Peck

heart Cogs in Time – Catherine Stovall

heart Equilibrium – Evie Woolmore – ✔

heart All Our Foolish Schemes (The Creepers Saga #2) – Raymond Esposito

heart Betrayal in the Higlands (Riddle in Stone #2) – Robert Evert

heart Baron of Blood (The Dawning Era Saga #1) – C.N. Faust

heart A Promise on White Wings (Wiccan-Were-Bear #7) – R.E. Butler

heart The Lioness – Jake Bonsignore

heart Aine’s Freedom (Chasing Rainbows #1) – Kate Marie Robbins

heart Poor Jeffrey – Paul Flewitt

heart Cadillac (Low-Low #1) – A. Vasquez

heart Sacred Fear – Lucy-Anne Smith

heart Wooing Cupid – Susan Lohrer

heart Fated Mates (The Alpha Shifter Box Set) – Adriana Hunter

heart Hard to Handle – Jennifer Lowery

heart Love Charms (A Paranormal Romance Boxed Set) – Selena Kitt

heart Jack, Me, and My Irish Mystery – G. Hardmen

heart Venomoid (The Night Code Saga #1) – J.A. Kossler

heart The Hotel Apocalypse (Episodes 1-16) – Bennett Gavrish

heart The Last Prince of Atlantis – Leonard Clifton – RE-READ

heart The Serpent in the Glass (The Tale of Thomas Farrell #1) – D.M. Andrews – RE-READ

heart The Arrival of Dawn – Bree Vanderland


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