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Author Interview: Steven Wolff

Author Interview 3


ghost-156969_640 What is your favourite thing about writing fantasy books?

What I love about writing fantasy books is that you are given permission to make up anything you want. It allows you to be a kid again and come up with all kinds of strange and weird things without people questioning if you should be hospitalized. When you write these things down, and create these incredible worlds, filled with fantastic and strange people, you are showing people something new… something they have never seen before. In a way, it’s like painting a picture… it’s art.

ghost-156969_640 What is your favourite creature to write about? (real or mythical)

I guess fairies, because they are a creature that hasn’t been tapped yet, unlike Vampires, which has been milked over and over. People know pretty much everything about Vampires, but little about fairies. So in my fantasy book – Anica Storm & The Wand Of Time – my heroine inherits magical abilities that only the Fae are known to have. Anica discovers that just like in this world, you’ve got good fae (Protectors) and you’ve got evil fae (Dark Fairies).

In that last two years, I’ve taken a love to Zombies since writing a zombie series called Self-Aware (A Zombie Series With A Fresh Twist!). In the story, there’s a mutated version of the zombie virus that does the opposite of death and decay… it heals and regenerates. Still the same zombie virus and the need to feed on humans, but now the zombie is as healthy as when they were alive, making the main protagonist struggle with who they were, and what they are now… a zombie who’s self aware. I’m having a blast writing this book and I hope it catches on.

ghost-156969_640 What made you first fall in love with writing?

At the time, my girlfriend was an avid reader, going through books like nothing. We were constantly going to the main library because her need-to-read was insatiable. It wasn’t long after that I discovered that there are many people like her, who need books to read. She saw that I love to create things and complimented me on my imagination. It was because of her, that I started to writing because she made it clear to me… readers need writers. So in 2009, I began writing my first book called The Journey Of Anica Storm (Later changed to Anica Storm & The Wand of Time). It took me three years of on and off writing to finish it, but when I did, I was proud of myself for sticking to it. That was five years ago and I look back at my writing in awe at how much I’ve improved in grammar, sentence structure, dialog, story structure, etc. I want to rewrite it, but after talking with a few of my close friends, they suggested that I continue forward, writing book 2, etc.

ghost-156969_640 What has been your most terrifying experience, as a paranormal investigator?

This might sound weird or messed up, but to quote the song from Ghost Busters – “I ain’t afraid of no ghost.” That is so true. I’ve always been fascinated with things that go bump in the night that when I’m on an investigation, I’m more in awe, then in fear. My results have been mostly positive because I go in and show respect to the dead. It’s also the secret to why I have such success as a ghost hunter. So many of these cable shows have it wrong. They think by taunting or pissing off the spirit that they will interact with them, and then they wonder why nothing happens. It’s just like in real life. If someone starts calling you names, you’re not going to want anything to do with them. Well, guess what. These spirits are still people… just without bodies and the same rules apply.

ghost-156969_640 What was the funniest?

At an investigation at a haunted hotel in Texas, my team and I recorded the faucet turn on and off by itself in the room we were staying in. So I fired up the camera and we found a free-floating electro-magnetic field that was moving around. We put down two electro-magnetic field detectors and noticed that when we were joking around, the detectors were flashing and beeping faster. So I put the camera on them and started joking with the entity and it sped up, as if laughing. Then, just out of the blue, I said “And…… silence!” and the entity backed away, causing the equipment to stop beeping. I waited a few seconds and said “And….. action!” and they beeped again. I repeated myself and did it again, and it went silent. “And…. Action!” and it came back on. You can see the video for yourself by clicking here

ghost-156969_640 Do you prefer writing for the YA market, or the adult? Is there a different to how you write, depending on what age you’re writing for?

It depends on the story I need to tell. If it’s fantasy, I usually keep the content age appropriate and don’t include things that children should not be reading. If it’s like my zombie series, then I relax a little and write what comes out because any post apocalypse world is a very violent place, so naturally one would expect rape, murder, and brutality… zombies or no zombies. Man is a very savage animal when released from civilization.

ghost-156969_640 Do you have any writing quirks? Do you need a certain song playing or item nearby, when you write?

Most of my writing is done in complete silence, but sometimes, just sometimes I will open up youtube and find a hour long ambient video that plays in the background (like a thunderstorm) or I’ll find some spooky ambient music to help my mind get in the mood. Sometimes, when I’m writing an action scene, I’ll play Escala – Requiem For a Tower which is an exciting, energizing piece of music used often in movie trailers (Harry Potter, Lord of The Rings, etc.) These really help, but sometimes all I need is just silence… and a nice, hot cup of coffee.

ghost-156969_640 If you could bring anyone back from the dead for Halloween, who would it be and why?

Eric Draven – The Crow (Brandon Lee) ~ Because he’s a pretty awesome character that I wish was still around. Brandon Lee is/was the perfect representation of the Crow. 🙂

ghost-156969_640 Lastly, what does you casting look like, for the YA series ‘Anica Storm and The Wand of Time’.? Who do you want/envision to play each character?

I wouldn’t mind Jennifer Garner as Anica Storm. For Marcel (The Wizard) any gandolf looking actors would be fine. The monster under the bed (named Bob) would be voiced by John Goodman because you never really see him, except an arm or two floating eyes. Rain (my favourite water elemental) needs to be someone who’s a little kooky/psycho. As far as the main villain, Heath Ledger, even though he’s passed away. He would have been perfect for the role of Asylum.


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About the Author 2

During the height of the great recession, Steven lost his job and found himself with a lot of time on his hands so he decided he would write a fantasy novel about a girl named Anica Storm. In his book Anica inherits magical abilities no human was ever meant to have, that meant she also inherited a lot of trouble. She has to journey to a parallel world filled with monsters and creatures she never knew existed. In order to survive in this world, Anica is forced to discover what she can do in order to save herself and the ones she loves.

With the success of Anica Storm, Steven wanted to write a Zombie novel with a unique twist so after a year of writing, Steven is about to release a Zombie novel called Self-Aware (A Zombie Series With A Twist!) about a woman named Stephanie who has a mutated strain of the Zombie virus. Unlike all the walking dead, Stephanie’s virus does the opposite… it heals and regenerates. Looking and feeling normal, Stephanie struggles with the fact that every three days she needs to eat another human or else she’ll die.

Coming October/Halloween 2014


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