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Excerpt: Blink

** This is an 18+ ONLY post **

This post contains explicit content and Male x Male relationships.






When you’ve known one person for your whole life, is there anything that can surprise you?

Rainer has always been closer to Chad than anyone else in his life. They’ve been there through every major and minor event in each other’s lives, but now they’re about to embark on a new adventure together. Getting closer than close, Rainer discovers a secret that threatens to destroy their entire relationship, that’s survived twenty-six years already.

The secret that Chad has been hiding, is more than Rainer can stand, but he knows that his best friend’s delicate emotions can’t take an all out confession. He decides to seduce the information out of him and it works a little too well.



Chad’s laughter was sweet and still innocent sounding after all these years. It always made Rainer smile.

“She was a total loser,” he laughed at himself as he talked. “The first thing she said when I asked her back to my room was ‘I don’t suck or fuck on the first date’. And I’m standing there thinking, ‘Who the hell said this was a date?’” He admitted, with a genuine look of confusion.

Rainer laughed along with the rest of the band and took a drink from his bottle of beer. When he was done he handed the bottle to the girl sitting on his right knee, with no recollection of what her name was. She put it on the table and then kissed him, as if the beer had been getting in the way before. He smiled as he kissed her back, nipping at her bottom lip until she opened her mouth for him. A tongue slipped into his mouth just as his left shoulder was pushed so hard that he just about head-butted the girl he was kissing.

Rainer pulled away from his kissing partner reluctantly, as the table descended into silence. He turned to the girl who had been sitting on his left knee, also nameless at the moment, who was now standing by his chair, tapping her high heel shoes in irritation and glaring at him.

“What the fuck is your problem?” He asked her, only to notice that Chad was shaking his head, looking less than happy. He had a feeling he’d missed something pretty important. “What?” He demanded, shouting at her to see if that worked.

“I told you I wasn’t willing to share.” She snapped at him, as if he was some monster who had broken her heart.

Rainer let out a sigh and rubbed the bridge of his nose. This wasn’t what he needed tonight.

The concert had been hell. Three crazed fans had managed to sneak up on stage; one girl had flashed him, which wasn’t so bad, but one of the others had made a beeline for Chad. That was when he had to call security to get rid of them.

Chad was their guitarist and he could riff like no-one he’d ever heard before, but he didn’t like to use a plectrum. He preferred to ‘feel’ the strings and chords, or so he said. But Rainer had a mild panic attack on stage when that girl headed for him; she had got her hands on his guitar, his baby, and tried to yank it out of his hands. He had a feeling it was so Chad would put his hands on her, but that didn’t matter. What mattered was the potential damage to Chad’s fingers. Rainer would never let anyone hurt him.

“You know what,” He sighed. He looked up at the nameless girl in a huff and nameless girl number two, who was sitting on his lap, waiting to hear his verdict. But he wasn’t stupid; he could see in her eyes that she wanted him to herself. “You girls need to zip up or fuck off.” He told them, decided. He didn’t need them giving them any more grief.

Chad smiled a little, as did Pasha and Eddit, their two band members. They were all waiting to see what choice the girls would make.

Chad started laughing as soon as they headed off together, muttering about what an asshole he was. Well, they were right. He was an asshole who didn’t like being told what to do.

It barely took a few minutes for Pash and Ed to head off after them, grinning like fools at how they were going to play the ‘he’s the asshole, we’re the nice ones’ card. It was what they all did when one of them was rejected.

Rainer wished them luck.

“Girls suck.” He complained, since he knew for a fact that there were one or two men out there who worshipped the ground he walked on. If either of them had been on his lap he didn’t doubt they would have rejoiced at enjoying a Rainer-sandwich rather than getting pissy about sharing.

“I think the problem is that they’re not sucking anything.” Chad teased him openly.

Rainer laughed with him, because he was right. And he only wished all the more than he’d taken up one of his male fans offers. He could have been locked in a room somewhere already, being sucked and doing some fucking of his own. Now he was on his own. Damn him for not being gay.

“God, I could use a good suck though.” He admitted it freely; he and Chad didn’t have any secrets from one another. Particularly not of the physical nature.

The band were growing in popularity right now. They still did small gigs, mostly local venues or in the city, but their fan base were strong and loyal. The hard core Indie rock they played seemed to resonate with all the young, angry teenagers and the good beats and honest words from Chad’s writing struck the older generations.

Rainer was convinced that they had fans from every age range between fifteen and forty.

Chad smiled suddenly, that smile that quirked a little on the left and spoke of mischief and trouble. When he leaned over the table, from where he sat opposite him, Rainer leaned in to meet him halfway. “I could suck you.” He whispered.

Rainer raised an eyebrow at that offer. It wasn’t anything that genuinely surprised him. They had known each other their whole lives and done a heck of a lot together; they taught each other to kiss, how to grope a girl without getting slapped, how to fuck even though they never actually fucked each other. This would, however, be the first time they had ever gone beyond second base together.

He’d had Chad’s long seven inches in his hand before, probably quite a few times as they grew up. In fact, now that he thought about it, he wondered why they had never thought of this before. They always shared a hotel room whenever they had to go out of town for a gig. When they were really busy and girls were either not of their taste or scarce they would head to bed together and make out for hours, sometimes with some hand action and sometimes without. Either way, they probably should have done this before.

“How do you know how to suck?” Rainer asked suddenly, since he had always been the one to teach Chad everything he knew about life. Whether it was playing the guitar or going down on a girl, he’d been there to talk him through it step-by-step.

Chad flushed and looked away, but it wasn’t a look of embarrassment. There was something sad and slightly ashamed in his eyes that he really didn’t like. “Remember that year we first met Zane?” He asked, speaking about their manager.

Rainer nodded, but decided not to comment just yet.

“He’s gay.” He admitted, only to grab his bottle of beer and take a long drink from it.

Rainer wasn’t happy with where this conversation was going. Zane was six-foot-six, with muscle that could beat any one of them in a fight. He was also brash, rude and thought everyone in the world should bow down before him. Great for a manager, not great for what he suspected Chad was about to tell him. “And?” He encouraged him to continue, wanting to hear how far this went.

“And…I was drunk. Super drunk.” Chad said, but then he stopped again.

He really didn’t like the look of this, but all he could do was try to keep him talking to figure out how badly he had to rearrange Zane’s face. “Weren’t you just sixteen back then?” He asked, seeming to remember that he’d been seventeen when they first met Zane, which would make Chad just a baby. His best friend nodded his agreement, but still couldn’t look at him. “Who the hell was plying you with drink at sixteen?” He demanded to know.

“You were.” Chad laughed, giving him that look that said he was planning something.

“Oh.” Rainer couldn’t argue about that. He might always have been the one to get Chad into trouble, but he’d always been there to get him out of it again. “What happened?”

“He gave me head in the bathroom after our first gig.” He said, though there was something in his voice that said he was nervous about admitting it. “Then he asked me to do the same. I told him I didn’t know how, because I’d never done it. So he blew me again and told me to consider it a lesson.” He shrugged, but there was no patented smile of embarrassment or amusement. He didn’t look as if he relished, or even as if he enjoyed that memory.

Rainer was beginning to freak out a little. “Why wasn’t I there?” He asked, feeling a sinking in his gut that said he’d let Chad down.

“I think you’d already gone back to our room with a girl, by then.”

“And you liked it?” He asked, needing to know.

Again Chad shrugged, but stared into his bottle rather than look at him. “It wasn’t bad. He didn’t come in my mouth or anything.” He explained, which was a small relief that didn’t mean much considering what was going round his head. “I got him to the edge and then I jacked him off the rest of the way. But, I gotta say that the taste is better than going down on a girl.” He said, almost absently, as if to say that at least something good had come out of the experience.

Rainer tried to let him offer a distraction for a moment. He wasn’t sure what to say or think except that he’d left his best friend in the entire world alone for five minutes and something had happened to him that he couldn’t take back. He didn’t know how bad it was or even if it was bad; all he knew was that Chad couldn’t look him in the eye and he had gone through something alone, that he should have shared with him.

“Yeah, I’ll never get used to that taste.” He agreed, waiting to see if a diversion in the conversation would make him relax again.

Chad was tense and hunched in on himself, but the minute he spoke he relaxed just a little and looked up at him with what he could only describe as bedroom eyes. He was a little surprised. He’d never been on the receiving end of those before. Not from Chad anyway.

“So you want me to blow you?” He asked again.

Rainer smiled and downed the rest of his beer before getting up from his seat. He could see that Chad wanted this, either just because he should never have done it without him in the first place or because he thought he needed it. Either way he was going to use it as a way to get him to open up about this incident when he was sixteen. He felt sure there was more of a story there than he had admitted.

He held his hand out as soon as he was on his feet and Chad smiled, taking it without question. Rainer led him to the door and only stopped long enough to let Pasha and Eddit know where they were. “Hey!” He called to the other two, who were on the dance floor with the girls. “We’re ditching. We’ll see you tomorrow.” He called over. Their band mates waved them off.



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