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Book Exposure: Paryn’s Gold



David G Johnson


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paryn's gold ebook


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“”“The Blue Mystic’s reign of terror is over. Peace and order have been restored to the northwestern nations and all is as it should be…or is it?”

After decades of estrangement, the sibling-monarchs, Paryn and Cyrus, have begun deepening the bond of brotherly love and peace between their kingdoms. Unfortunately, someone hijacked the gold Paryn promised to send for relief to Cyrus’s impoverished kingdom. The skills and experience of the Heroes of Dragon Pass are once again needed to help find the missing gold. Can they succeed?

Our intrepid adventurers encounter traitors, pirates, bounty hunters, and foes from their past, bent on revenge. Can the heroes fight off the myriad of evil forces opposing them? Can they restore the stolen gold to the desperately needy kingdom of Cyria? Will the breach of the promised aid return Cyria and Parynland to war? Discover the answers as you ride along with our heroes in the thrilling conclusion to the Chadash Chronicles in Book Three: Paryn’s Gold.”


Author Bio

David G. Johnson is an author and teacher with a BA in Asian Studies and a MDiv in Biblical Languages. Most of the time, David resides overseas with his family serving as teachers and living witnesses of their faith. Every few years the Johnsons make it back to the States for visits to family and friends and to spend time doing book signings, speaking, and spending time with his fans.

David has been an avid Fantasy and Science Fiction fan for over thirty years and has turned his experience in blending his lives cross-culturally to the task of blending Fantasy and Science-Fiction writing with a biblical worldview. While his novels are primarily designed to be great stories appealing to all readers regardless of their worldview, there is a deeper element there specifically for those who choose to engage with it. In his new series, Chadash Chronicles, David mixes high-fantasy storytelling elements with deeply engaging personal growth and self-discovery elements in an epic tale of heroes and hidden secrets. Come along on this amazing adventure trilogy in Fool’s Errand, Mystic’s Mayhem and Paryn’s Gold. Books one and two are available now from Tate Publishing with Paryn’s Gold targeted for 2014/2015 publication (still working out the details of who, when and where).


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