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Books for Troops


ARMY - About

Books For Troops 2013 was started by Ebony McMillan and her son as a project, then in 2014 Angela Stone joined the project. They hope that together they can make Books For Troops will become a successful organization for troops local and overseas to get books and care packages.

You can reach both Ebony and Angela at for information on donating. Also when you send your email please put in the subject which state you are from. At the moment Ebony handles the North States and Angela handles the South states. They together will handle the East and West states until there are people to handle those 🙂

You can also make donations to the group that will go towards items for the care packages, e-books, gift cards, and paperbacks.

ARMY - Join Up

For information on how to participate, just message the Facebook page. The page is run by Ebony and Angela and you can take it from me that they are very pleasant to talk to and they can help answer all of your questions.

And never worry! If, like me, you can’t afford to dispatch large quantities of paperback books, then think about donating your e-books. They accept them and it’s a very cost effective way for you to give back, without breaking your back trying to pay for it.


ARMY - See It Work

Articles about other Books for Troops Programs.


How Paperback Books Helped the US Win World War II

How 200,000 Books Were Given to U.S. Troops

7th Cavalry Troops Bring Books to Baghdad Schools

Operation Paperback

Books for Soldiers

How to Support Our Troops (Books and Other Options)

ARMY - Links

To request to donate to Book Care package from Books for Troops 2013 please sign this form:

Here is the link to make a donation to Books for Troops 2013:

Books for Troops e-mail, to message questions, send requests to join the program (for service men and women) and if you cannot contact through Facebook:


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