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New Release! Pantheon

Carmilla Voiez


“Carmilla Voiez was born in Bristol in the 1970’s. She grew up in a suburb of the city, but has since travelled and is now residing in North East Scotland. Starblood was her first novel to be published. The sequel Psychonaut was released in 2012. She is currently working on the third book of the trilogy.

Her fiction explores themes such as sexuality, imagination and magick. It gives the reader an insight into the hidden worlds of her gothic characters, their loves, ambitions and often complicated sex lives. Nurtured on a diet of horror and gothic music her work has a darkness and violence of its own. Urban lives and supernatural worlds collide within the novels’ pages. Whether you fall in love with or despise her characters, you are guaranteed a thrilling and emotional journey. ”




During the winter festival of Saturnalia, masters become servants and gods become lovers.

18+ erotica.




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