Extract: Hidden Awakening

hidden awakening title

Blurb: When two sisters start fighting over their lifelong friend, Colton, he’s more than happy. Briar, the academic, and Louisa, the beauty, don’t have a hard time attracting his attention. He’s already intrigued by both girls, in different ways. But when each teenager is magically gifted, a simple love triangle can turn into so much more.

Colton doesn’t know what hits him, when things take a turn for the worse. Louisa is willing to try everything to ensnare his attention and Briar is convinced she isn’t good enough. One disastrous night and one possession later, things quickly escalate out of his control.

When Briar becomes a target for demon possession, Colton has to make the hard choice. Can he cast aside the social and egotistical trappings that tell him to take the easy road and revel in what attention he can get, even if it’s from the wrong girl? Or will he, for once, see the truth? Can he fight his own nature, a demon and Briar’s insecurities to prove that she’s worth fighting for?

Only time will tell. But time is something they are running drastically short of.


Mock Cover

Hidden Awakening - Cover



Colton was even more interested in Briar now that he knew she’d never been kissed before. He would love to be that guy for her, the one she loved and who could be her first everything. It was the kind of romantic crap that she would really go for, if he could just convince her to look past all his previous mistakes.

He took his seat at the back of his History class, as usual. He liked to stay out of the teacher’s way. She always suspected those sitting at the back of the room to be up to the most mischief, and he wasn’t one to disappoint. This time it would benefit him in more ways than just allowing him to talk to his friends, during class.

He drifted off into thoughts of the Grace sisters. He looked towards Louisa, sitting on the right hand of the room, just to the desk at the side of his. She was talking to her best friend, playing with her hair and paying zero attention to the teacher. Briar, on the other hand, sat up front, already taking notes of their latest assignment from the board, as the teacher wrote them. The beauty queen and the scholar. One girl who was crushing on him, and was likely to get distracted by someone new in a few months, and one girl who loved him so hard she would never stop.

Colton couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like to date both girls. He’d only ever thought of them as friends, until this last year. Louisa had always been pretty, but she was growing in confidence and he found that pretty attractive. Briar, however, had always been on the beautiful side of the scale. Not naturally pretty, not ugly, not even just plain or ordinary; the girl was just simply beautiful.

Taller than her sister, she looked eighteen already, though he knew she wasn’t. Sweet at seventeen, with that long brown hair, with faint wisps of red that shone out in the sunlight. She took after her mother, though she had her dad’s temper and his keen thirst for knowledge.

Contrary to what everyone thought, he wasn’t just nice to Briar because he fancied Louisa. He didn’t actually have any feelings towards the blonde sister; he was indifferent at worst, and tolerant at best. He accepted that she was in his life and that she would cause drama, but he wouldn’t welcome her into his life with open arms, if they hadn’t grown up together.

Briar, again, stood out in those departments. He felt something for her, even if he couldn’t quite categorize it. He didn’t think it was a crush, but he couldn’t be entirely sure. She was smart, in that hypnotic way that sometimes bamboozled him and sometimes made him feel in awe of her. He never felt stupid around her.

Colton leaned his head on the palm of his hand, watching her. Although their parents had been close, thanks to all being graced with the same magical talents, that wasn’t why he was friends with the girls. They had grown up together, sure, but it was much more than that. Their heritage defined them magically, but it didn’t dictate who they should be friends with, and Colton wouldn’t allow it to, even if it could.

They’d grown into their magic together, tested their limits, learned new spells and techniques, all while sharing ideas and thoughts with each other. They each had their own particular talents, but Colton could never be quite sure what they were. They were old enough that they had time yet to grow into new gifts and expand those they already had control over.

Wondering if he could use his magic to his advantage, Colton sat back in his seat and kept his eyes trained on Briar. “Look at me,” he whispered to himself, repeating the words over and over again, while watching the brunette so intent on learning. “Look at me, Briar. Turn round and look at me.” He tried, adding in a little forceful push to his words, with his magic.

Slowly, seeming uncertain of herself, Briar turned to look over her shoulder at him. Colton smiled, both at Briar and to himself, in victory. The poor girl looked so confused, as if she didn’t quite know why she felt compelled to look his way. She smiled back, before returning her attention to the front of the classroom.

His little manipulation worked. He could tell from the hesitant way she turned to face him that Briar had either been fighting the impulse to do as she was told, or else she was less susceptible to his talents than anyone else. He would have to try again, soon, before he decided what he was going to do about it.


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