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Just 4U Series Exposure #1

Just 4U Series Title

This is an 18+ Only Post

The Just 4U series is a collection of novels that are either Gay For You or Out For You plot-based. Each story contains a different couple, but will (I hope) will all take place in the same world. At the moment, only one story has been started, with a half dozen chapters, but I do plan to write each of the sixteen stories planned, as my next project.

Some characters from one book, may be related to characters in another, as a way of linking the books, or they might only be passing acquaintances.

The story ‘Lost’, mentions a youth centre, that will be a link between certain stories and the story ‘The Underground’, centres around a nightclub, that will be mentioned and link other stories together.

This post covers the first 4 books in the series. The rest will follow soon.


J4U 1 - Following Orders


Christian has been Bobby’s personal bodyguard for years. He’s good at his job; loyal, proficient, with street smarts that have saved lives countless times. Suddenly Bobby asks too much of him.

Bobby’s only child, Duncan, is a typical playboy, flaunting his wealth and playing up to his bad boy image. Christian is put to the test. Bobby wants him to go undercover, to get close to Duncan, to protect him. That means playing up to Duncan’s flirtations and Christian playing gay, for more than just the night.

But, what happens when Christian gets far too comfortable with his undercover identity?



“Chris, I’m asking you to become my son’s boyfriend for the duration of our vacation.” Bobby revealed, taking his seat, while shocking him down to his roots.

“Whoa!” Christian got up from his seat, starting to pace, in shock. “No way. I’m not gay.” He argued, refusing to become Duncan’s new lapdog, just because the little shit couldn’t behave himself.

“I know. But I’m going to pay you generously to change that.” Bobby disagreed, far too calmly for his liking. “I’m going to ask you to be approach him and start dating him, before we leave. It will be up to you, to carry on the relationship, to make it convincing and worth his while.” He explained.

“Duncan is easily bored and changes boyfriends, more often than we change clothes. And the only way you will successfully keep an eye on him, twenty-four hours a day, every day that we are away, is if you make sure the relationship is serious from the beginning. Then, once we leave, if he stays true to form, he’ll invite you to live in the house while we’re gone.” He continued, with a smile that he guessed was supposed to be encouraging. He didn’t feel encouraged; he felt trapped.

“You’re missing the part where I’m not gay!” Christian shouted at him.

“I understand that. But if you’ll sit down, we can talk about this like adults.” Bobby sighed, as though bored of the discussion already.

Christian sat down with a sigh and sank into his seat. He wanted to become invisible, and forget this conversation had ever happened.

“Let me first say, that you have no opportunity to turn this job down. Your entire career counts on this being successful…because if Duncan gets in trouble, I’ll have to take a permanent step back and you won’t have a job any more.” Bobby told him.

Christian shook his head, frustrated. “I’m not sleeping with him.” He warned him.

“That’s entirely at your discretion. I have no interest in what you do or don’t get up to.” He said, waving his hand. “All I ask is that you do this job for me.”

“I’m not exactly in the position to refuse now, am I?” He asked.

Bobby smiled in approval. “I’ll have Tory put together a file for you, to help you get to know Duncan, so you can keep him interested in you. You have one week before we leave.” He explained, still calm as ever.


J4U 2 - Gay For A Year


Ritter has just outed his brother, for being gay. The problem, is that he’s not gay. When his father tells him that, and that he himself has always been bisexual, Ritter’s view of the world changes drastically.

As punishment for being selfish, and past behaviour, his cop father decides Ritter has to learn his lesson the hard way. He has to act, think and experience life as a gay teen, for a full year. He has to date another boy and never exhibit homophobic behaviour during that year. In return, his father will make his musical career a reality.

But can he make it the whole year?



“You want to know what your punishment is?” His dad laughed again, relaxing in his seat. “I want you to experience what it’s like, at school and in life, to be gay.” He explained his plan, with a smirk that suggested he meant ‘experience’ as ‘whole-hog’. It seemed he was plotting against him, to the highest extreme and he was going to hate it.

“You’re joking, right?” He asked, shocked into confusion.

His dad smiled and leaned forward, over his knees. “No. I’ll speak to the school and your friends, to make sure they understand what I’m aiming for. I want you to hang out only with the gay kids, for one year. To sit with them in classes, to hang out with them inside and outside of school,” he began, basically plotting the end of his social life.

“No way! They’re losers,” he objected.

“Not a word.” His dad demanded, slowly.

His dad was deadly serious, but that didn’t stop him from hating him for what he was doing. His whole school life would be over; kids would make fun of him, hate him, maybe even beat the crap out of him. He was only just popular enough to fly under the radar; smart and good looking enough to not be a target. But he had enough connections in the lower and higher registers, to be ignored, if he did something stupid, by accident.

This was going to crucify him.

“If you do this, and you can show me that you’ve learned your lesson, to treat everyone as equals, then I will let you move to New York. I will even fund your move, and help you with your career. I will get you an audition with a music producer, if you do this successfully.” He promised.

Ritter could feel his nerves jittering, apprehensively. His dad was dangling the golden carrot; the one thing that he would ever want or ask for. He longed to be a big named singer/songwriter and had written at least a dozen of his own songs already. He played the keyboard and the guitar, but what his dad was offering, was more than he could hope for. It could take him years to get the kind of exposure or opportunities that his father was promising him.

“Really? You’ll really help me with getting signed?” He checked, needing to make sure that the offer was genuine, before he agreed.

Only if you do this for me.” His dad bargained, ruthlessly.


J4U 3 - Desperate


Dillon is a nineteen year old kid, straight out of high school. With not much talent and no real prospects, he’s drifting in his life. Until he happens to witness a murder.

Suddenly, his whole life changes. He becomes a witness for the police, until August, the criminal who committed the crime, takes an intense interest in him. From that point on, Dillon has to decide what’s more important; his life or upholding the law.

Desperate to save himself, he makes a deal that becomes more complicated, the longer he’s involved.



Dillon caught the hint of authority in his voice, and removed his hand from his pocket. He took the business card and read it. The man’s name was August and he claimed to be an art distributor, but that wasn’t what he was doing six days ago, when he saw him shooting a man in the chest.

“If you ever need anything, I will make sure you get it. You want a pretty girl to fuck, I’ll give you one. You want a boy to fuck, I’ll give you two.” August winked at him, while laughing.

Dillon was surprised by the offer, but put off by August’s flirtatious grin.

“You want a car, a new Playstation, a million dollars, you name it and I will supply it. I will never stop providing what you need, as long as there is a risk of you opening your mouth.” He promised, looking like he meant every word. Which was crazy, because it would have been cheaper, and made more sense, to just kill him. “But if I think you can’t be trusted; if a cop even sniffs in your direction, I’ll come back here and I’ll take you somewhere where you won’t have a choice, and you will have only the luxuries I provide you. Understand?” August asked.

Dillon nodded, pondering over his options. “I…” He stalled and licked his lips, wondering if it was really worth it.

“Go on.”

“Option 3.” He decided. Whatever the risks, it was worth it. It was the only way he was going to stay alive. The cops were supposed to be keeping an eye on him and keeping him safe, but August had still found him. He was sitting in his car, with at least one man in the car, who had a gun. For all he knew, August and the driver had guns too.


J4U 4 - The Underground


Twenty years old, broke and still living with his parents, Caden isn’t exactly living the high life. He goes drinking with his best buddy Dallas, hoping to forget his troubles for one more night. Then he meets Bryer, who is similarly unhappy with his life, and they agree to get drunk out of their minds together.

A few drinks soon turns into something else. And their strangers-come-drinking-partners relationship, soon becomes something much more complicated.



“This is Taffy’s blog, nice to meet y’all. Excuse the state I’m in; I’m pissed out my head.” Caden laughed into the camera, watching Taffy smile behind her phone. “I’m Caden and this guy here is Bryer. We’re both hammered; he’s heartbroken from a recent break up and I’m depressed because I’m a loser.” He admitted, freely.

He turned to his drinking companion, smiling at the buzz running through him and wrapped his arm around his neck. Bryer leaned in and kissed his neck, lightly. “This guy is gay and I’m straight. But we were told it’s GL…LB…what the fuck is it?” He asked Bryer, unable to get his tongue around the right letters, in the state he was in.

“Gay Pride, asshole.” Bryer chuckled to himself, shaking his head.

“Right. Something like that.” He agreed, not in the least surprised that Bryer took the easy way out and avoided the letters altogether. “So Taffy has been perving over us, while we were making out during a drinking game. Now she’s going to pay us for a repeat performance; no doubt so that a bunch of gay dudes will visit her blog, to perv over us as well. So, you’re welcome.” He winked at the camera, happy to be making some much needed cash.

Taffy giggled, behind her phone, as she filmed the entire thing.

Bryer kissed his jawline again, before nipping with his teeth. It made Caden want to turn all Caveman on his ass; growl, grab his hair and smash their lips together. Especially when that teasing move was followed by a hand creeping up his chest. His t-shirt was so flimsy, with the heat, that he felt every slight move.

“Babe, come on…just kiss me already.” Bryer whined, cupping his jaw, while Caden raised an eyebrow at the camera.

“I’ve known this guy for a whole two hours and I’m ‘babe’ already.” He said, shaking his head. Though, secretly, he kind of loved it. “Dude, you’re so easy.” He teased him.

Bryer grinned and used his hand on his jaw to turn him, until they were nose to nose. He was kissed again, tentatively, as if to ask for permission.

Caden retaliated with a brush of his lips, in a teasing caress, then opening his mouth and letting his tongue spring out to lick at Bryer’s bottom lip. His drinking partner crushed their mouths together, just as he’d imagined doing so, a moment ago. It was intense, insistent and fucking hot.


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