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Just 4U Series Exposure #2

Just 4U Series Title

This is an 18+ Only Post

The Just 4U series is a collection of novels that are either Gay For You or Out For You plot-based. Each story contains a different couple, but will (I hope) will all take place in the same world. At the moment, only one story has been started, with a half dozen chapters, but I do plan to write each of the sixteen stories planned, as my next project.

Some characters from one book, may be related to characters in another, as a way of linking the books, or they might only be passing acquaintances.

The story ‘Lost’, mentions a youth centre, that will be a link between certain stories and the story ‘The Underground’, centres around a nightclub, that will be mentioned and link other stories together.

This post covers books 5-8 in the series. The rest will follow soon.


J4U 5 - Without Devotion


When Boston stumbles into Carsen’s life, neither of them have any idea of the impact that the accidental meeting will have on their lives. Boston struggles to face his past and accept that not all men are monsters, while Carsen finds himself facing an altogether different dilemma.

Can a man with no control, keep an innocent boy safe, from his long hidden desires?



Boston woke up in a soft bed, moaning in complaint as he held his hand to his head.

A soft hand caressed his forehead, making him sigh at the soft, warm touch. It had been far too long since he’d felt a welcome caress, so soft and comforting. It drifted to his cheek and he turned his head into it, keeping his eyes closed as he tried to remember.

He had no idea who the gentle touch belonged to or where he was. All he knew was that he had vague recollections of the same soft hands taking care of him, when he was flitting in and out of unconsciousness.

He remembered something about a girl screaming and running to the rescue, like he hero he most definitely wasn’t. After that, he knew he’d been hurt, but it took him a moment to recall how badly.

When Boston opened his eyes, he found that the hand belonged to a man, who smiled at him, warmly.

“Hello beautiful,” he said, with familiarity. “You gave us all quite the scare.” He claimed, reaching to the bedside table, to lift a face cloth. It was wet and was put on his forehead, so he guessed he had some kind of head trauma. It certainly cooled his pounding headache.

“Where am I?” He asked, rather croakily.

“In my home. You saved my sister from those bastards attacking her, but you passed out just as you were calling the police.” The man explained. “She doesn’t like the police, so she hung up and called me instead.” He admitted, brushing the back of his fingers over his cheek.

Boston brushed him off, hating the far-too-familiar way he looked at him. He saw need, hunger and desire in this stranger’s eyes, that made him feel small and trapped.


J4U 6 - Through the Fire


Mattix has finally found success. With his novels on a half dozen Bestseller lists and now being made into a TV series, he doesn’t think life can get much better. Then mega star Fyfe Fraser is cast as the leading man in his show. Fyfe needs some good publicity and Mattix’ new show, Through the Fire, about two gay men working through their relationship, is the perfect opportunity.

But, from the moment he’s cast, Fyfe begins to turn Mattix’ life upside down, exposing secrets and complicating everything.



Mattix tried hard to ignore his brother, deciding this was all his fault. Well, partly his fault.

“Why did you do it?” Galen asked.

“Do what?”

“Blow this deal with Fyfe. He claims you berated and insulted him, then walked off.” He claimed, with a tone that said he had expected better of him.

He could screw his expectations; he wanted no part in this, in the first place. Gale knew what he was like, with straight guys. He couldn’t help himself. They were either fit as fuck or got on his nerves with the size of their egos. Unfortunately, Fyfe was both.

“No, I told him that ‘gay’ is not a box you tick on a medical form, when they ask what sex you are. I’m still a male. That doesn’t change, just because I’m gay.” He grumbled to himself. He wouldn’t stand by and let someone talk shit about him, for something that wasn’t his fault. He never decided or chose to be gay, but he wouldn’t change it, if he could. He was who he was and Fyfe fucking Fisher wasn’t going to change that.

“Wow, he really pissed you off, didn’t he?” Galen realised, sinking into the seat.

“He acted like I was some rare species that had just been discovered.” He replied, honestly, but refusing to hide his anger. “Like all gay guys know each other and we only ever hang out with other gay guys. Like every guy who is gay automatically gets fucked.” He continued, shaking his head at Fyfe’s narrow minded view of the world. He turned to his brother and pointed to his chest, with the same hand holding his beer. “I don’t get fucked. I do the fucking.” He argued.

“Gross dude. I don’t want to know anything about your sex life.” Galen frowned at him, only to sigh and rub his forehead. “So you won’t do this?” He asked, sounding worried.

“Oh I’m going to do it. I’m going to rub his face in the gayness of the world until he’s shitting rainbows of his own.” He muttered, ignoring the way Galen laughed at him. “I’m serious, Gale. I won’t have some asswipe like him, making all gay men out to be something we’re not. If he ever met real gay men, he’d shit a brick never mind a rainbow.” He admitted, thinking of a few gay men he’d love to introduce Fyfe to. He wouldn’t get out alive.


J4U 7 - Safe With Me


High profile Penley is about to take over the family business. He’s stressed and being approached by a kid off the street, and accused of being a closet gay, certainly isn’t helping. The real problem is that the kid is right. Worse still, is that he’s right and Penley is about to get engaged to a woman.

With his career on the line and the temptation of the street kid, Laird, too much, he indulges in one night of intimacy. But can one night be enough to keep Penley in his closet, or will the freedom of being true to himself be too hard to resist?



“Are you stalking me?” He asked, as soon as his receptionist was gone.

“Yes,” The kid grinned as he walked over and took a seat in front of his desk. “Nice place you’ve got here. Very swanky.” He admitted, looking around and lifting his feet to rest on the edge of his desk.

Wanting to get rid of him quickly, Penley didn’t argue. “How did you get your hands on my wallet? Because I didn’t drop it; I never took it out of my pocket.” He recalled, wondering just how sneaky this teenager was.

The boy chuckled and shrugged, reaching into his front trouser pocket to extract his wallet. He tossed it over the desk to him and Penley thanked his lucky stars that he caught it, without fumbling.

“I pick pockets. I’m very good at it.” The kid admitted it freely.

“I could have you arrested for that.”

“Then I’d be forced to out you and that’s not what either of us wants.” He said, with a cheeky wink.

Penley sighed and rubbed his forehead, wondering if his day could get any worse. “Are you trying to blackmail me?” He asked.

The kid sighed, looking deadly serious and put his feet on the ground. After a moment of deliberation, he got up and walked around his desk, to perch on the edge closest to him.

“No. I want to help you.” He confessed, reaching out to brush the back of his finger against his cheek. “You can’t stay in the closet forever. It will hurt you. I read up on you, on the bus; you’re about to get married…to a girl. What are you thinking?” He asked, with real concern.

Penley wasn’t sure he’d ever felt more vulnerable in his life. Not only did this kid know his deepest, darkest secret, but he was offering him someone to talk to. Could he pass up this opportunity, just because he was afraid Gillian might be listening in?


J4U 8 - Rugged Heart


Gang life is all that Dean’s ever known. He’s never thought, for a second, that his future would be any different.

Straight after being ‘officially’ jumped into the gang his brother started, Dean is confronted by rival gang leader, Cassius. Cassius is ruthless, but he’s also flirtatious and sets straight teenager Dean’s teeth on edge. But he has an ace up his sleeve; he knew Dean’s deceased brother well.

Enticing him in, Cassius manages to make an offer that Dean can’t refuse: be his boyfriend and his best friend, Mark, the only family he has left, will be safe. But just how long can Cassius keep his promise?



“You’re all just boys…stupid little boys who can’t even play fair.” He spat at them, hating his own crew almost as much as he hated Cassius and his guys.

They were all puppets, waiting to die by someone’s else’s fist or their gun.

They were dead men walking.

“Well I hate you; I hate all of you. My skin crawls just standing here with you, I hate you so much and I hope you all die…every last one of you. You don’t deserve to live. You’re abusing the life you were given and you don’t deserve it.” He warned them, though he felt somewhat ashamed of himself for even being a part of their gang. His reasons were pure though. He wanted family and the gang was the only way to keep them safe.

He only stopped talking when Cassius punched him, in the gut.

“Stop it. Just leave him alone. It’s the anniversary of Mickey’s death today. He’s just upset.” Mark protested, struggling against the two guys holding him back.

“You’ve got a big mouth, Dean,” Cassius said, with a sizzling anger he could almost feel. “but next time don’t open it, unless you know what you’re talking about. You can grieve for Mickey, you can be upset, but don’t fucking take it out on me. Your brother knew exactly what he was doing and it’s his own fault, if he was stupid enough to die for it. But don’t act like you know me, or any of us, because you don’t know shit.” He argued with him.

Dean stood his ground as Cassius nodded to his boys, silently telling them to back away. The two guys released Mark, who stumbled away and flipped them off.

Not one of them risked touching Dean, just like none of them had risked holding him back. He could have hit out at Cassius and not a single one would have stopped him.

Deep down, they knew he was right. But they also respected Mickey enough to stay back. He only wished his brother had respected himself that much.



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