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Just 4U Series Exposure #3

Just 4U Series Title

This is an 18+ Only Post

The Just 4U series is a collection of novels that are either Gay For You or Out For You plot-based. Each story contains a different couple, but will (I hope) will all take place in the same world. At the moment, only one story has been started, with a half dozen chapters, but I do plan to write each of the sixteen stories planned, as my next project.

Some characters from one book, may be related to characters in another, as a way of linking the books, or they might only be passing acquaintances.

The story ‘Lost’, mentions a youth centre, that will be a link between certain stories and the story ‘The Underground’, centres around a nightclub, that will be mentioned and link other stories together.

This post covers book 9-12 in the series.


J4U 9 - Lost


Tate is young, lost and at the end of his rope. Homeless and a runaway, for reasons he’d rather not share, he ends up falling on his last option; the club ‘Beyond Pleasure’. With no money, no shelter and no food for the last three days, Tate knows that the club is his only chance of survival. A gay club, where rich men are known to hang out, Illicit is a guaranteed out. All he has to do is snag the attention of one man, and he could have a weekend, at least, of safety and care…at a price.

The only problem, is whether he can let himself fall so low.



“Right, let’s start with the three loners.” Thorne said, as he walked over to a stereo set in the corner of the room and set his gym bag down. He’d brought a few piece of equipment he wanted them to use, so Tate stood there, ready to help as he explained who the kids were.

“The one on the right is Dove; he’s just out of juvi after starting a fire in the high school. It was all a big misunderstanding after he’d been bullied for being bisexual. He lit up in a cupboard and it all went down hill. He’s here by recommendation from his therapist. That’s usual for these kids.” He explained, gesturing to the blonde boy in the corner who sat tapping his fingers off his right knee, while texting on his phone with his left hand.

“That one in the middle is Rodriguez.” He said, pointing to the ginger haired boy sitting on a bench at the back wall, leaning his head back on the wall with his eyes closed. “He’s a hot head too, but he’s funny as shit. He’s here because his older brother is in a gang. His parents are terrified he’ll get jumped in soon if he’s not busy doing something else. He’s not really a loner; he just likes to wind down before we train. He’s probably got his music blasting his eardrums out.” He chuckled to himself.

Tate smiled and pointed to the third kid. He had dirty blonde hair, with bright green eyes that flitted about the room as if he was looking for danger. He was the one, out of the whole room, that looked the most alone to Tate, the most set apart and uncomfortable.

“And who’s that?” He asked, worrying about the uncertain look in his eyes and the nervous way he shook his right leg while rubbing his hands over his thighs. He looked like he was absolutely terrified and the only thing he wanted to do was run out of there.

“That’s Romeo. Out of all the kids here, he’s the one that keeps me up at night.” Thorne sighed as he talked, passing him a few lengths of rubber bands that they would use for stretching their muscles.

Tate looked back at Romeo, wondering what his story was and why he worried Thorne so much. He seemed like a sad kid; someone who had the weight of the world on his shoulders, with no-one in his life who could help him carry the burden. Maybe he could try to help with that and become someone he trusted enough to share his fears with?


J4U 10 - Truth or Dare


Brock’s life is about to change. Harbouring a secret crush for the straightest guy at school, he’s sure that he can never have the life he dreams about. His reckless sister, Anya, disagrees. During a party, and a game of spin the bottle, Brock finds himself dared to kiss his crush.

But when nothing goes right, that night, can he find the strength within himself to forgive and forget? Or will one mistake be one too many?



“Truth or dare?” Royce asked.

Brock took a deep breath and chose his answer carefully. “Dare.” He picked, just because he didn’t want to be asked if he was still a virgin or who he fancied. Questions which seemed very, very popular tonight. He hoped it was simply down to the alcohol and not an attempt to out the secret that no-one should know.

Royce smiled sadistically.

“My turn to dish out the dare.” The boy next to him, Tyson, interrupted, before Royce could speak.

Brock let out a sigh of relief. Royce might be his long-term crush, but he really didn’t want to find out what cruel dare he might dish out. Tyson was his best friend, so he hoped he might be more lenient, since he was smiling. Though, a moment later, he rubbed his hands together and he felt that ominous tension in his gut again.

“Okay, I got it. I dare you to go up to your crush tonight and kiss them like there will be no tomorrow.” He said, beaming at him.

Brock swallowed and watched, nervously, as Royce turned to glare at Tyson. He figured his crush wasn’t so secret after all. There was no way Tyson should be laughing and giving Royce that friendly, I-did-this-for-your-own-good shove.

“At any point tonight?” He asked, to try to give himself some more time and privacy. And maybe hope that he could avoid having to do it, altogether. Tyson nodded, so he bit back his apprehension and nodded in return. “Done.” He agreed.

He was pretty sure that Royce would hate him, if he went through with it, but they didn’t have much choice. There were eight of them playing spin the bottle, and it would look a little suspicious if they were the only ones who didn’t fulfil their dares.

God help him. He really didn’t want his first kiss with Royce, being some dare that he had to suffer through, while in front of half his class mates. He wanted private, secluded and sensual. Not Royce cringing to himself as he let it happen.


J4U 11 - To Love A Geek


Jasper is not impressed when his sister Jacey starts openly flirting with the school geek, Laken. It doesn’t take long for him to realise that he’s not just angry that his social standing at school will be put into question. Soon, he begins to understand that the real problem is jealousy.

But following his feelings is not as easy as it looks. His sister is a jealous homophobe and his friends want him to date anyone but the school geek, regardless of whether he’s a boy or not. He must decide whether he wants an easy life or a happy life.



Jasper was more nervous than he should be as he waited for Laken to show up that night. He’d spent a few hours thinking about it and he was in even more trouble than he should have been.

He’d been trying to hide a secret for months, mostly because life wasn’t fair and didn’t give him what he wanted. But there was another reason, one that went deeper than his high school reputation and whether Gunner would still be his friend or not. And that reason was something that he was going to have to face in the next five minutes, before Laken arrived.

“Just relax,” He told himself, standing in front of the mirror to check how he looked. He’d gone for a shower and dried himself off; he was finally ready to face reality. Gunner’s feelings for Jacey wasn’t the only reason he wanted to keep her away from Laken. “It’s just a crush. Some stupid chemical imbalance that will go away.” He said, for the millionth time.

Jasper ruffled his dark hair and then frowned when it only looked a complete mess rather than the casual, relaxed look it should have. It was still wet and he was going for the whole ‘I-just-rushed-out-of-the-shower-to-answer-the-door’ look.

At first he’d told himself that it was to make Laken uncomfortable and knock him out of his comfort zone so that he could tackle the whole Jacey issue. Now he was going to have to accept the truth;

“You are crushing on the geek, Jasper. You’re jealous. Face it.” He told himself, staring at his own reflection and having no idea who was looking back at him. He’d never had a crush on another guy in his life, never mind one that made him feel so off balance.

Why him? He’d rather let Jacey destroy his reputation by dating Laken than being the one to have a real, solid, unshakable crush on him.


J4U 12 - Twisted


Dale and Ellory are the best of friends. While taking a last camping trip, before college, something happens that shakes the very foundations of their friendship. Curiosity turns into a misunderstanding, and soon Dale discovers that one mistake can make or break a friendship. And he has a feeling that something between he and Ellory just shattered.



“We’re going to college soon and I know that’s when everyone starts experimenting with stuff,” he began, nervously. “but I kind of thought it would be more fun and safer, if we experimented with each other.” He explained his theory and watched Ellory closely. He stopped reading his book and looked up, staring at him, with a look he didn’t recognise.

“What kind of experiment?” He asked, carefully.

“Just some friendly snogging.” He shrugged, trying to make light of it. He was, strangely enough, suddenly intrigued to find out what it would be like to kiss a guy. Ellory was his best friend, so he figured it couldn’t be all that bad.

Ellory shrugged and nodded his agreement. “Fine.” He said, before lowering his gaze, back to his book.

Dale took a chance and moved over, to sit on the log his friend occupied, until they were side by side.

“Now?” Ellory laughed at him.

Dale nodded, feeling pretty serious about it. He suspected that Ellory was either secretly, or not so secretly, gay and he either didn’t know it yet or he had just never told him. Either way, he needed to know.

He leaned in to kiss his best friend and wasn’t at all surprised that a brief caress of their lips turned into so much more. Ellory was the first to open his mouth, and then it became a battle between them, to see who could be more passionate and more dominant.

Dale was stunned by the electricity between them. He’d never thought it possible, but kissing Ellory was the best kissing experience he’d ever had. Yet, there was no contact between them, other than their lips. No hands groping or searching, no body contact. Just his lips against Ellory’s and it felt wonderful.

But when he pulled away, he noticed that Ellory looked different than before. Not because he was just kissing him, but because he was trying to avoid something.

“How was it for you?” Dale asked, curiously.

Ellory laughed and went back to his book. “How do you think? I’m a teenager and you put your tongue into my mouth. I’m pretty happy.” He said, as if he was just brushing it off. That felt wrong. What Dale had just felt, wasn’t something easily brushed off.

He sighed and decided he needed more time to think about that look. Either Ellory was the closet gay, or he was.



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