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Goals 2015

These are all my goals for the new year. I’ve made this a page, because it’s my way of keeping track of what I’m up to. And as I go along, I’ll tick off those I accomplish. Maybe it will help you remember your goals, to see this as a page, or just remind you about them.

♥ Go the whole of 2015 without a major medical drama. ✔

♥ Write the following books:

1. Misunderstood – (Evander’s #2)

2. Cacodemon

3. Hidden Awakening

4. Sleep My Beauty

5. The Beautiful War – (The Triple Threat Trilogy #2)

6. The Just 4U Series – books 1-21

♥ Publish the following books:

1. The Alpha and the Oracle – (The Belesone Pack #1)

2. The Story of the Exile – (The Belesone Pack #2)

3. The Beta and His Angel – (The Belesone Pack #3)

4. An Unpredictable Life

5. Reckless Abandon – (The Secrets of Avelina Chronicles #2)

6. Vairi’s Revenge – (The Secrets of Avelina Chronicles #3)

7. Right Kind of Wrong – (Decadent #3)

8. The Cellist

9. The Trade

10. Esthim – (Esthim #1)

11. The 1st 6 Months – (Esthim #2)

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