Extract: Forever Friends

forever friends title

Blurb: Cait and Brayden have been the best of friends since childhood but things all change when mutual friend Grayson reveals a secret that everyone but Brayden knows – Cait is in love with Brayden. And Brayden already has a girlfriend. To make matters worse, Grayson is in love with Cait himself. Can the twisted love triangle unravel and make sense? Can everyone be happy and get what they want or will someone have to make the ultimate sacrifice? Will Cait and Brayden’s friendship survive?


Mock Cover

Forever Friends 2



Cait sat in her English class, quietly watching the boy who sat next to her. Brayden had been her friend since childhood, because their parents were good friends and all that time exposed to each other with play dates had really paid off. Unfortunately, Brayden was her only friend, but Cait didn’t care. Because Cait had a secret – she was in love with Brayden.

At eighteen years old, it would have seemed inevitable to both their parents, but Cait knew that Brayden had no clue. Besides, he was the most popular boy in school, dating the most popular girl, Dyan. They were such a cute couple, so perfect it was unfair that anyone should ever have to see them together. But for all that Cait loved him, she was also his friend and she wanted him to be happy, even if that was with another girl. It was hard to hate his relationship, going into its second year, when Dyan was such a nice person. If she had been a total bitch, Cait could have hated her. But she was simply too nice for anyone to hate – even the girl in love with her boyfriend.

And because Cait couldn’t hate either Dyan or Brayden’s relationship with her, it made her unreciprocated feelings all the more difficult to deal with. Because each and every day, her best friend sat beside her in all the classes they shared. Because each and every day, she ate lunch at the loser table all by herself and had to watch as Brayden and Dyan kissed and talked and laughed together. And all the while Cait loved him. She couldn’t do anything but love him.

Are you okay?” Brayden whispered to her as he noticed her gazing, at what he thought, was the closed classroom door behind him. Cait snapped out of her thoughts and nodded with a fake smile.

I just can’t wait to get out of here.” She sighed, rolling her eyes as if to emphasise how long the day was. Even though her school day was far from being on her mind. They only had a few months left of school. Cait was beginning to realise that if she didn’t either confess her feelings to Brayden and give him the chance of accepting or refusing them or move on with her life, then she might just lose him forever.

She had no idea what college he wanted to go to, because the lazy sod thought he could travel the world for a year before having to decide. So she had no idea what would happen to their friendship between now and then. Her parents continued to hound her about where she was going but she had this stupid thought of asking Brayden to travel the world with her and so she hadn’t picked or applied to any colleges. She knew fine well it was stupid and brainless and irresponsible. But then, so was love.

I know. Maybe we can hang out together after school?” He asked with a pleasant smile. Cait just about rushed out an agreement, but pretended to think it over. It was Monday night and everyone in school knew that Brayden Cumberland spent Monday nights with his girlfriend, since she was beautiful and smart and set aside half her week for studying before the weekend came by. Cait decided to be honest.

Don’t you usually hang out with Dyan on Monday’s?” She asked gently, trying desperately not to sound jealous. Brayden laughed and flashed her that perfect smile of his.

Well, yeah but we thought since the sun is actually out, we might go down to the river with a few of the boys. I wish you’d come…you keep hiding yourself away like a hermit. I’m sure everything thinks I make you up.” He admitted. Cait chewed her lower lip, not sure what to do. He was stunning on a daily basis; dark sandy hair, dark green eyes and a very well exercised body with abs to die for. How could she cope and contain her feelings seeing him at the river, with his shirt off and fooling around like a loon? He was too adorable and gorgeous for her own good. She should say no.

Okay. I’ll just suntan at the side to prove my existence.” She blushed. He looked so happy at her agreement that she had to bite her tongue and refuse to open her mouth to speak again for the rest of the class. She didn’t want to ruin it by using her common sense and saying she couldn’t go.

All Cait could do, was sit back and hope that a miracle would come out of nowhere. That it would stop her from the humiliation of having to see perfect Brayden and perfect Dyan Frances all loved up, half clothed, with their perfect bodies in the sun. But she figured it wasn’t likely to happen. She had rotten luck.


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