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Plans for 2015

Okay, you might have noticed that there are a lot more posts by me, lately, than there have been for a while. Most of last year was reviews and book posts. Unfortunately, this was due to time constraints and health issues, of which there were a lot of niggly little problems, but no big health events. That meant that a lot of what was wrong, wasn’t anything that could be treated, but that I had to ride out.

Sadly, this also meant that I was unable to concentrate on my reading list, as much as I wanted to. I mostly read short stories, rather than novels, of which I had more to read, for the blog than anything else. I plan on fixing that this year.

My plans are this:

★ To publish the entire ‘Faithfully’ novel in post form, and create pages, so that the chapters can be easily found, even well after the post has published.

★ To create pages for the main ‘repeat’ posts, such as ‘appreciation’ posts, which will be regular this year, ‘how to’ posts and ‘writing tips’, so that they can be easily found. I know that you could just do a search for them, but let’s be honest – not everyone has the time, patience or size of screen to make this anything but tedious. Instead, I’ll do this for you and there will be a page where all the direct links are posted.

★ I’m hoping to do more ‘how to’ and ‘writing’ style posts, as and when the inspiration strikes.

★ There will be a lot of books coming out this year, already 4 novels and 2 anthologies planned, with a few more that I’m currently working on and waiting for confirmation on. So there will be more ‘sneak peeks’ and exposure posts, so that I can share my new work with you, as well as the new releases from other awesome indie authors.

★ I will continue to work on my reading list, however there are still small health issues that I’m getting over, so I might not have any new reviews until February or March. My main concerns are reviewing those books that I promised to review, but haven’t got round to yet. I hate that I’ve had some of these books for over 6 months, which is far too long to take, to do a review, in my opinion. Luckily, the authors have been very understanding about my health issues and the reasons I’ve not been able to meet a reasonable deadline.

★ Unfortunately, because of the point above, I will not be taking on any new reviews. I will complete my list, that I already have, and I will review for authors who have given me books before. I always want to complete a series, if the author asks me to read a new instalment. I just won’t be able to take on any new authors, until my current list is complete. I really want to focus on finishing that list this year.

★ 2015, for me, is the year of finishing what I’ve started. So I’ll really be focusing on this, during the year. Whether that means in my writing, reading or blog posts, then I’ll aim to get it done.


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