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How to: Generate Awesomeness

Sometimes, when you’re working on a new piece or trying to fix an old story, there’s just one thing that you can’t quite get right. Whether it’s a name, a title for your story or some sort of fantasy object/spaceship/planet that you can’t find the right word for. Whatever it is, there are lots of websites online, to help you out. Here are some that I’ve used and love:

Vampire Novel Title

Sci-Fi Name

Random Book Title

Book Title

Fantasy Name (Various)

Book Title

Generator Land (Various)

Random Secret Society


Please bear in mind that a lot of these sites offer more than just one generator. Go ahead and browse each website, looking for the perfect one, to fit your need. Why not try a Google search, as well? Just type in the kind of generator you want, into the search engine and check out the results, e.g. Dark Prince Name Generator will give you lots of different options suitable for your character.

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