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Writing Plans 2015

2015 is, for me, the year of finishing what I’ve started. I can’t count the number of writing projects that have been started and not completed over the last 10 years (which is how long I’ve been writing). So, to catch up and make the most of this year, I’ve decided not to start any NEW stories, until all the old ones are finished.

Here is my writing to-do list, for this year:

The Devereaux CaseFiles (above) have been a work in progress, over the last 10 years. You can read book 1, Perfectly Criminal, under the books tab, here. This series was my first ever attempt at a crime series, though it became so much more. It’s close to my heart, but I wrote the first few books when I was around 16 or so, and they really badly need updating, with new editing etc. These are brand new cover that I’ve made, to inspire me to finish the series. Book Eleven, Survivor, is actually half finished. It’s been half-finished for around 4 years now, so I really need to crack on and get back to it. I’ll edit all 10 previous books first, to make sure there are no plot gaps and tighten up the overall story, before I get to that, though. So this one will take a while, probably most of my year.


This is the Evander’s School for Enchanted Personage, books 2 and 3. I’m currently working on Book 2, as we speak, since it’s been abandoned for around 2 years, started but never finished. All my readers on Wattpad love book 1, which you can read here, for free, so I really want to finish the series for them. They’ve waited long enough.


These are all stand alone books that have either been completed, years ago, and need updating (Fallen Heart, Courage in the Kiss and Don’t Take the Girl) or that have been started but never finished. I really want them completed, edited and fixed this year, because they’ve all been ignored for far too long. Most are romance, but Date With A Demon and Within The Heart of the Beast are slightly darker and less focused on the romance.


These are books 2 and 3 in the Triple Threat Trilogy. Book 1, Depth Over Distance, is currently on Wattpad and I’d really love to complete the series. However, at the moment I’ve just started book 2 and I’m really not sure there’s enough of a story for a book 3, though I always planned it to be that way. It turns out that my plans for the plot didn’t match the plans the characters had for the story, so we’re currently at the disagreement, not speaking to each other stage, and I want to fix that.


This is the Just 4U Series, as it currently stands. I added a few stories, that came to my in the last few weeks and removed those that were better suited to the YA market (which will be below). I’ve already completed book 1 ‘Following Orders’, and all but the last four have notes that are so highly detailed that it shouldn’t take any time at all, to get them finished. Fingers crossed.


These are the books that were previously included in the Just 4U Series, but which are now going to be solo novels. I’ve tweaked a few of the covers, to represent this. These are all more suited to a YA story, than the 18+ of the series above, so that also means they can be shorter in length, if needs be. I’ve always got a lot for Lost and To Love A Geek, with masses of notes for Rugged Heart. The rest will all progress as I write them.


So there you have it, my writing to-do list for 2015. It’s going to take a while and I might not get everything completed in the year, but I’m going to try. I’ve already got 4 books scheduled to be released this year, 1 anthology and another 6 books ready to be published, so I shouldn’t have to do much more than do cursory edits with the editor, to get them out there in the world.

Wish me luck!


2 thoughts on “Writing Plans 2015

    1. Thanks Mishka! I’m just at that stage where I’m a little angry at myself for always starting stories, then getting distracted by new ideas. Let’s hope I can make it and get these all done. 😀

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