Excerpt – Decadent Series

Decadent Title

Lachlan Meran is a high school student about to graduate and find his way in the world. He thinks his life is set on its course and all he has to do is make a few decisions to keep it on track. That is until a betrayal causes his life to take a different turn.
When his best friend Konnor is added to the equation, will Lachlan be forced to choose between his best friend and what could be the ultimate love of his life, his first boyfriend?

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The Other Side Title

It’s been three years since Konnor lost Lachlan as a best friend. They still don’t talk and Konnor has let his wild side out during college. Now, after three years at college, the six-month new student Grayson is his new best friend. Konnor is crazy about Grayson, while Grayson thinks he’s as straight as a ruler and only wants to stay friends.
But Konnor is determined: he won’t lose another best friend to his secrets. What will happen when Konnor tries playing dirty? Will Grayson fall for his direct, unashamed flirtations or will they prove to be too much for the straight-laced newbie?

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Crave Title

for the 18+ reader

Looking for a little spice? Maybe something to crave that urge?

Well the secret is now out, Crave Hot Ink is a teaser anthology that offers readers a small taste of sixteen seductive and spicy samples from some of the hottest indie authors from Hot Ink Press. This teaser anthology is packed with enticing stories to fulfill every readers longing desire.

So come on, Crave Hot Ink!

Crave Poster

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RKOW Title

Tam’s done everything he can to forget all about Konnor and their disastrous relationship. His new boyfriend, Giovanni, has helped with that. But six months into their relationship, the incomprehensible happens. He discovers that he’s fallen into the same trap all over again.

Beaten, broken and falling to pieces emotionally, Tam wonders if there’s any point in going on. But then twins, Mack and Casen, enter the picture, rescuing him in his darkest hour. But then he discovers that the boys are related to Grayson, the new boyfriend of his ex. Finally finding ‘the one’ in a pair of copper eyes, what possible future can he have when he knows that Konnor will do all in his power to keep him far from the Dashwood boys?

Decadent 3 - RKOW - Poster 2

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