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New Covers! from C.N. Faust

DRAGON - Covers

 The Amazing Trilogy, available to buy and read now, has a brand new look. Read my reviews here.

And…these amazing new covers, for future books in the series, that CN Faust has only just revealed!


DRAGON - Blurbs

Book 1 – The Dragon’s Disciples

“He is my heir, but he is not my son”.

Placed by the hands of a god into the womb of Dragoloth’s royal family, Pharun has struggled all his life to prove that he is worthy to inherit the throne.
But now the throne sits empty, with more than one candidate vying for its seat. Violence erupts and corruption is unearthed as a game of gods and thrones threatens to make the greatest empire in the world crumble.
All Pharun ever wanted was to prove he was a worthy son. Now he has to prove himself a worthy king.


Book 2 – The Heretic Priest

“You fool, he has betrayed you. And now he is toying with you.”

The war between gods is nowhere near over. As Azrael and Saldon continue to pit their favorites against one another, the stakes are raised; deals are made and alliances are shattered.
While Pharun and Encarz prepare to war against each other, Felix is left to pick up the pieces of his life. Lonely and betrayed, he finds himself giving up everything he knows to follow a god he never cared for. In these trying times, who should step up to offer friendship but the angel of an unlikely god?
Even though he is trying to start over, Felix knows one thing … Pharun will never stop using him.
Choosing between love and Death is not so easy as it seems.


Book 3 – The Hollow Living

“He’s dead. I killed him. I killed that godsdamned bastard.”

The holy war that has threatened to tear Dragoloth apart is coming to an end. With so much at stake, both sides will do whatever it takes to win. New families united by secret agendas appear while old families, torn apart by dissolution, crumble.
Encarz and Pharun will clash swords, but who will emerge the victor? Meridith will fight for the soul of the one he once loved, but will he make it in time? Felix will find happiness at last, but will he be able to keep it? Varijin will seek revenge – but will he live long enough to administer justice?
In spite of all these questions, there is one shared concern on everyone’s mind.
Who will be king tomorrow?


DRAGON - About

C.N. Faust

Cyrus is a perfectly charismatic, devilishly charming bloke who spends far too much time writing novels and plays and not enough time writing the essays required for him to graduate. He is currently a Classics major with a double major in Theatre that will probably change to he-doesn’t-know-yet. Cyrus’ mission statement is that he would rather his writing be read and enjoyed by a small following than have to conform to the demands of a large audience. Of course, if you want to buy his novel and help support his cause to buy his domain name, then that would make you the best person he knows. Cyrus also possesses an unhealthy love for Shakespeare, and before he dies he intends to produce every one of the great playwright’s plays. In his spare time (what spare time, where?) he is charming the ladies and devising new and inventive ways to torment his faithful, beloved characters.


DRAGON - Contact!pre-order/c1m6w




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