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Song Appreciation – Stronger Than Ever by Raleigh Ritchie

[Verse 1]
Hate me when I’m gone, I’ll make it worth your while when I’m successful
But when I’m here I need your kindness cause the climb is always stressful
Clumsily gassed myself by thinking I’ll be better off alone
I’ll leave my peace in pieces all around the decent people back at home

Cause I’m a big boy an adult now or nearly
If I pull the wool back from my eyes I can see clearly
The world is at my feet and I am standing on the ceiling
And I fall, fall, fall, when it all comes down
And I won’t be crushed by the weight of this town
I fall from the sky but I won’t fall forever
I fall but when I’ll rise I’ll be stronger than ever

[Verse 2]
Official man, delusions grand and now I’m a free agent
I’m here to make a stand for causes I don’t understand and make a statement
I fall short on knowledge, I don’t even watch the news
Can’t be arsed with college, it’s nothing but a human zoo


[Verse 3]
I’m not defeated, I believe that I can turn this ship around
Destroy the status quo until I know I found a common ground
I’m not alone, I’m just focused in my zone, this is easy
I’m fine, I just need time to turn this into home, I’m good, believe me
Believe me when I say I’m gonna be
Big explosions crack through thunderous mountains
Hearts exploding, minds, volcanoes pop and blow
I’m not alone, I’m not alone
Who am I kidding? I’m sad, no ideas coming
It’s driving me mad and I’m fighting it
It’s turning me bad, I’m loaded, pages taking me over
I just wanna be home with all my friends and family
Mum and dad, it’s closing in on me, I need recovery, coming home
I’m coming home and I need closure, I need closure

via Raleigh Ritchie – Stronger Than Ever Lyrics | Genius.

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