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Happy Anniversary!



Wow, 2 years! It’s been a long time, not always easy and I’ve made some mistakes. I originally started blogging on Blogger, because that’s where all my friends were and they recommended it to me.  Then I made the cardinal sin of coveting a widget from another site, a cute little black cat, that – somehow – (AKA don’t ask me) – got my blog suspended and shut down.

Luckily, back then I wrote all my blog posts out on my computer, before sharing them, so I had them all saved. I joined WordPress, started from scratch and here I am – 2 years later! I have only once made a booboo on here and that was when I tried to schedule the entire Faithfully book, as blog posts and as pages. The thing is a monster at around 60 chapters, so I very quickly exceeded the WordPress limit for schedule posts (100, between pages and posts). I was cut off for two days, had an explanation in the e-mail reply, when I requested one and started back up again, with no problems. It was a miracle and I’ve learned my lesson. *smacks hand* Don’t be so well organised.

I’ve written posts about myself, about my books, shared awesome new releases, covers and interviews with authors from the Indie market, that I’d never heard of, before interviewing them. I’ve read some amazing books, by Indie authors who – again – I’d never heard of, before they asked me to read and review their work. Some are absolute gems and have become immediate one-clicks for me on Amazon. Some are not my cup of tea. But whatever I’ve shared, I’ve done it all for me, for you and for every Indie author out there, who needs more exposure for their work.


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