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Coming Soon: The Cellist

Cello - Cover

The Cellist

Coming April 10th


Cello - Blurb

“After six years, cellist Roman returns home with boyfriend Ben, in search of more than just international fame. There’s one complication he didn’t count on. His high school crush, the straight, untouchable, Jaxton is there when he arrives.

One performance at local club Crimson 8, stirs emotions that were better left forgotten.

With prior warning that the club is a gay man’s fantasy come true, where anything and everything can happen, Jaxton is dragged along with a group of his friends, to see Roman play.

What happens next, will change the course of all their lives forever.”


Cello - Extract

“Roman followed his gesture and felt his heart skip a beat, as he caught sight of Jaxton. He was as stunning as ever, perhaps even more so; tall, blonde haired and with those baby blue eyes that sparkled, the way he remembered. He was big and strong, but with that casual stance, that said he was comfortable and tired. It was the way he used to hover by his locker, in high school, after a game of basketball.

Jaxton met his gaze for just a second, then scowled and turned away.

The recognition in that look was painful; years of recollections and long forgotten emotions buzzed through his brain. Ashamed of the flare of attraction he’d just allowed himself, he turned away and faked a smile.

“Still as gorgeous as ever, but he never used to lie.” Roman muttered to himself, hoping to cover his indiscretion.

Jaxton hadn’t changed, but he had. Maybe his old crush still hated him, but it shouldn’t matter anymore. It didn’t matter anymore. He was older, wiser and he had moved on. Jaxton was nothing more than an old high school crush.

Thayer watched him closely and he realised that he didn’t understand what he meant. He probably wouldn’t like him implying that Jaxton was a liar, either, so he explained.

“I remember him. Jaxton only knew I existed long enough to take the piss out of me. He certainly never liked me.” Roman sighed, giving his side of the story, though it was a slanted one. Only three people knew the real story; him, Jaxton and Ben, and it was far from the tale of bully and victim that Jaxton kept telling people.

“Yeah, that’s what he said.” Thayer agreed, with a laugh.

Roman wasn’t even surprised. Disappointed, but never surprised.

“Listen, this is going to sound stupid, but can I hear you play some time?” Thayer asked, bluntly. “I’ve never met anyone famous before. I might as well find out what you’re famous for.” He smiled, giving him a wink.

“I’m not famous, I…” Roman stalled and let out a sigh. “Sure. Do you know the Crimson 8 club?” He asked, since that was the whole reason he’d come back home.

He was home to see Bennett, to play at the club and see his family. He and Ben had come to an agreement, to stay for two months, before deciding whether he should take on another job. One month to try out college and another month to figure out what they would do with themselves, if he chose to continue college.

Thayer looked shocked, raising an eyebrow, in curiosity. “You’ve been to Crimson 8?” He asked, with a hint of surprise.

Roman flashed a smile, amazed at how people always underestimated him. Just because he was a geek, he wasn’t allowed to party or enjoy sex.

Crimson 8 was the kind of club that scared the crap out of most men, when they walked in, without advanced warning of what they would find inside. Apparently, finding out that a loser geek like him played there was not something to take lightly.

“You have no idea.” He promised, since Crimson 8 was his home away from home. “They’re putting on a show tonight and I’m playing. Special request.” He winked, cheekily, unsurprised that he laughed.

“Yeah, I know it. What time?” Thayer wondered.

“The show starts around seven, but if you’re faint of heart, I wouldn’t stay longer than eight.” He warned him, before stepping back. “I hope I see you there.” He said, hoping he would bring some friends along. They could use all the customers and wallets they could get, for Bennett’s sake.


Cello - Posters

The Cellist - Poster 7  The Cellist Poster 3

 The Cellist Poster 2 The Cellist - Poster 4


Cello - About

Elaine White_Edited

“Elaine White grew up in a small town on the east coast of Scotland. She is an author of paranormal romance, crime and MM romance. Fighting cancer in her early teens taught her that life is short and dreams should be pursued. She lives vicariously through her independent, and often hellion characters, while living comfortably at home with a pack of wolves cleverly disguised as one standard poodle. A self-professed geek, Elaine has fallen in love with the research linked with her novels. The more obscure the better. She has recently delved into reading and writing MM romance/erotica and is now a happy addict of the genre.”



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