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The Awkward Truth of Being A Writer #2

Being a writer is not the most glamorous job in the world. Forget the JK Rowling’s writing in trendy cafe’s in the city. Forget the movie deals and the 6-figure royalty cheques. They rarely happen, especially for an indie author. Being a writer – in the real world – is chaos, embarrassing, and sometimes hilarious to the point of crying.


Editing is the bane of your life. Once you’ve edited it once, you have to go back and edit that, because you’ve probably made chances. Oh, and after 3 months, when you go back to edit a WIP again, you’ll find all these mistakes that in 3 more months, might not look like mistakes anymore.


Taking a 10 minute break from writing, usually means disappearing to Facebook for an hour, networking, making posters or researching. In other words…procrastinating.


Just when you decide upon a cover and your book goes into print, you find an even better cover and wish you’d waited another week or so.


Research includes the following:

  • looking up dodgy websites
  • reading hilarious articles that make you blush, when you’re reading them in public with no choice
  • jumping when someone phones or comes to the door, as you’re watching your ‘research’ online


The postie always comes to the door when you’re having your ONE PJ day, and you have to open the door to collect the ‘swag’ you’ve ordered that’s come too early or too late. Either way, it’s always unexpected and kind of embarrassing.


Just when you’re on a roll, this happens:

  • someone phones
  • you get a visitor
  • you have to go out
  • you get a sudden case of self-doubt and spend a whole hour wondering if the chapter you just wrote was trash or not
  • you start typing and hit major writer’s block by the end of the sentence


You spend a fortune on advertising and promoting a book, including preparing yourself for giveaways with lots of swag, only to find that the book you prepared for is less popular than the one you didn’t prepare for. Then you have to go out and spend even more money on promoting, swagging and advertising the one your readers prefer.

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