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Book Review: Cornelius Quaint Chronicles

These reviews were originally posted on Goodreads in December 2011

My Ratings

Book 1 – ★★★★★

Book 2 – ★★★★☆

Book 3 – ★★★★★


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Book 1

Dr. Marvello’s Travelling Circus brings a touch of magic and wonder each time it comes to town, but when a series of gruesome murders coincides with their arrival the performers find themselves caught up in some rather sinister goings on. It falls to ringmaster and master conjuror Cornelius Quaint, ably assisted by his Eskimo valet Butter, to investigate the killings and to clear the name of the circus strongman who is being held on suspicion of murder. But Quaint soon finds that these seemingly random killings are inextricably linked and, what is more, that they all point back to a dark secret in his own past.

Book 2

Bidding an emotional farewell to Dr. Marvello’s Travelling Circus, Quaint leaves for Egypt with only clairvoyant fortune-teller Madame Destine by his side. Once in the land of the pyramids they must do battle with desert thieves, unearth long-buried secrets, and attempt to foil the villainous Hades Consortium’s plans to poison the River Nile. With a whole new cast of characters this is a ripping Victorian adventure story featuring Cornelius Quaint—part Sherlock Holmes, part Indiana Jones, part Harry Houdini. The Times called The Equivoque Principle a “boisterous comedy” with “hairpin plot twists” and its sequel follows in the grand tradition of Victorian serials.

Book 3

Master Conjuror Cornelius Quaint returns in a thrilling and irresistible new adventure.

Directly on the heels of his Egyptian adventures in The Eleventh Plague, Cornelius Quaint finds himself drawn into another gripping and treacherous plot. This time, Quaint must intercept Cho-Zen Li’s scheme to assassinate the Queen and unleash a devastating plague on Victorian England. Before long he is enlisted by the Queen herself to hunt Li down and put an end to his cruel reign over the Yahn Province of China. But even the brilliant conjuror does not realise the extent of the danger in his path. A storm is heading in Quaint’s direction, and neither he nor his companions from the travelling circus can do to anything to prevent it

In The Lazarus Curse, Quaint sets his sights on Q’in Mountain and his most perilous adventure yet.


Book 1

I fell in love with Cornelius Quaint, his circus and Prometheus in this story. I felt for Prometheus and Cornelius throughout the whole story and found that the more I read, the more I got sucked into the story.

Book 2

Madame Destine is incredible. I love Cornelius Quaint and his relationship with Destine, but I also love that she’s getting a bigger part in the story here. She’s a great character and deserves this time in the spotlight.

I love that we get to see more of both Cornelius’ and Destine’s pasts and how they intersected without either of them knowing about it beforehand.

Book 3

Just as good as all the others. Maybe even better. I cried, which is not a new thing, and loved it until the very last word.


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