Faithfully – Chapter 12

Chapter 12

For the rest of the day Dominic ignored Donny at every turn. He busied himself with watching the rest of the Twilight series with Rocco. By the time the films were done, Chandler and Latimer were home and Dominic had vanished to his room in a huff.

Rocco was unusually quiet, but he felt bad because the more Dom acted out, the more he snuggled in, holding his arm around his neck and laying his head on his chest. It was the kind of peaceful, delightful afternoon he could imagine them having many more of if they ended up dating. Which he hoped they would.

Something nudged his outer thigh, snapping Donny back to reality. He looked down and found Rocco gazing up at him.

The film’s done.” He signed to him. “And dad wants to order in take out for dinner. He’s got a lot of work to do tonight, for Beau’s charity.” He explained with big puppy dog eyes.

All he could do was smile and brush a strand of his blonde hair from his eyes. He’d missed the end of the last film, but he didn’t really care. He’d dozed off to the comfort of having Rocco beside him.

Do you want to go for a sleep for an hour?” He asked, so sweetly that he couldn’t even argue that he wasn’t tired just to put a brave face on it. He was exhausted.

Okay. Will you wake me for dinner?” He signed back.

Rocco nodded and moved to sit up, but he just used his arm around his neck to draw him back in again.

I’m going to sleep here.” Donny told him.

Rocco smiled, so he guessed that meant he had no issues with that.

You look tired. Do you want to lie down with me?” He asked, hoping he would. Latimer was in the study down the hall, doing whatever he needed to do, while Chandler sat in the kitchen, taking a video call with Koby.

But who will wake us up?” Rocco asked, full of innocence.

I’ll set my watch. I’ll hear the alarm and I’ll wake you.” He smiled down at him.

Rocco looked back at the kitchen and then down at the sofa. He made a face, as if he really didn’t like that idea. “It’s not very big.” He signed.

You take the inside. I’m built to take the impact if I fall off; you’re just a little bitty thing.” He signed back.

Rocco didn’t have much weight on him; he was basically skin and bone, so if he fell off the sofa he was probably going to do some serious damage. Donny was bigger built, already carrying good strong muscles from his years of playing basketball and rugby.

I’m not that small.” Rocco frowned at him and pouted in the most adorable way. He almost couldn’t take him seriously when he did that.

No, but you’re skinny. Fragile. It’s not necessarily a bad thing.” He gave his skinny little waist a pinch that had him squirming and beaming at him, so close to laughing that he gave him another pinch to tip him over.

It better not be. I’ll get bigger; I just don’t eat a lot.” He signed, unable to stop smiling.

You should. You want to stay healthy.”

I know.” With a sigh, Rocco slipped away, to take the seat Dominic had left empty. “You can take the outside…at least you won’t get hurt if you drop off. You’re thick as a brick.” He signed to him.

Donny laughed as he gave him a shove. He was waking up now, in a way that did more than just draw him further from sleep. He was waking up to the possibilities that Rocco offered. He had only ever had Dominic. Now he could see just what Rocco could be to him.

I can’t believe you just said that. Maybe I should go take a nap upstairs?” He threatened playfully, signing each word to him clearly.

Then Dominic really would be angry.”

He would?”

He would not want to find me in your bed.” Rocco’s lips twitched and he drew the corner of his bottom lip into his mouth with his top teeth. It was ridiculously attractive.

He slid back on the sofa and lay down, gazing up at Rocco as a new wave of exhaustion washed over him. It was nice to feel so comfortable with someone new. To get to know him without pressure, without fumbling over spoken words or trying to carry on a conversation with someone who had only ever seen sign language on the TV.

Who said you were invited?” He asked one handed.

Rocco slid into the space he’d left for him on his left hand side, right against the back of the sofa. Then he folded his arms on his chest and signed with his left hand.

I should be. You’re invited to mine.”

Really?” Donny liked the sound of that. He watched the kid for a moment, so innocent and gentle; he wasn’t the naïve, tortured soul that Dom had made him out to be. He was smart and feisty like he told Dom he was, but he was also flirtatious and drop dead gorgeous. It was those eyes that really did it. They were innocent one minute, seductive the next and a whole host of conflicting emotions in between.

So if I ever want to sneak into your bed I have full permission?” He asked, keeping their conversation discrete by signing into Rocco’s hand.

For sleep only.” He blushed and signed back into his fingers. It felt oddly intimate to talk that way; like it was their equivalent of whispering. And it seemed Rocco agreed.

Hmm…we’ll see.” He cupped the back of Rocco’s head in one hand while lifting himself up just enough that he could place a kiss on the curve of his lips.

When he lay back down again Rocco’s eyes were flickering open, a mass of confused emotion swirling inside. He offered him an understanding smile and put one arm behind his head as he attempted to settle down and take a nap. He remembered to set his watch at the last minute, making sure the alarm went off in an hour.

Until then, Rocco gave him a look of uncertainty and then curled up in the space between his body and the back of the sofa. He was as silent as ever as he lay his head on his shoulder and his hand on his chest.

For a minute he felt his fingers clenching and unclenching, as if he was undecided about what to do with himself.

Donny took his hand and held it to his chest to save arguments. Apparently happy with that move, he snuggled in a little more. The last thing that registered before he fell asleep was the comforting warmth of Rocco’s body pressed against his.


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