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Book Review: You Are A Writer (So Start Acting Like One)

Book – You Are A Writer (So Start Acting Like One)

Author – Jeff Goins

Star rating – ★★★★★

Ease of reading – really easy to read and follow

Suitable Title – ✔                      Cover –

Would I read it again – Yes!


I started following Jeff Goins just a short while ago and signed up for his newsletter after finding an article he wrote really helpful in cutting down my latest WIP. It was a ridiculous word length and wouldn’t have been ‘publish-worthy’ if I didn’t cut it down. It would have been a great e-book, but as the third in a series, it was too long to follow the previous two into paperback. I managed to fix that thanks to Jeff’s advice and handy tips.

When this book came up as free on Amazon, I figured it was the perfect time to read more of his work and see just how helpful his advice really was, in relation to my writing. I can gladly say that I’ll be buying more of his work in the future.

Take it from me Jeff Goins is invaluable!

Whether you’re a new author or you’ve been at it for years, this book is going to have something to help you. Whether it’s to give you a boost into believing in yourself, whether or if it just encourages you to keep going, because you’re already doing all the right things. Whatever you take from this book, will be a lesson worth keeping.

I’ll probably be returning to the advice in this book regularly over the next few years. Some of the things I’ve already done, but others I still struggle with after three years. And like Jeff says – you never stop learning or getting better.

I’ve highlighted just a few of the quotes that really hit home with me, to give you an idea of how valuable this book really is for your writing journey. If you’re a new writer or someone who “just writes” but doesn’t believe it’s possible, I guarantee you’ll feel differently after you’ve read this. If you’re an old hat at the writing business, I guarantee there will be a nugget in here that is golden for you, to reaffirm your journey and remind you that it’s all worth it.



Someone put it like this: “If you’re ‘one in a million,’ and the world is full of seven billion people, that means there are seven thousand people just like you.” When you think about it like that, you don’t feel so alone anymore, do you?

~ A lesson for life, if there was ever one.

Here’s the truth: Most writers don’t like promoting themselves. I sure don’t. But what alternative do we have? If you want to matter, you have to get your content in front of people; you have to be connected to others: agents, editors, publishers, readers,and writers.

~ So true. And it’s something that I still struggle with. I hate “pushing myself” onto people, but I’m learning that “promoting yourself” and “pushing yourself” are two different things.


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