Faithfully – Chapter 15

Chapter 15

Donny was more than just a little surprised when Rocco walked over to him in the kitchen and pinged the waistband of his shorts to get his attention. He could have tapped his arm or caught his hand; there were a million ways to catch his attention, but Rocco chose the most intimate option. He liked that, so when he brushed his fingers into his hand and started signing to him, he only approved all the more.

I’d like to talk to you, in private.” He signed into his hand. It was so discrete, so private that he couldn’t help but smile hopefully.

Your room or mine?” He signed back into his hand.

Rocco smiled and took his hand with a hopeful smile and a gentle, comfortable grip.

Dom, I’m going to have a chat with Rocco for a while. You two go on and play the next one without me.” He called over his shoulder as they left the room. He normally wouldn’t have bothered telling him because of the way he was acting, but he wanted to make sure that he and Rocco got some time alone.

He followed willingly all the way into the kid’s bedroom and straight across to the bed. He slipped onto the bed and lay back to get comfortable.

Rocco climbed on just a short distance away and sat on his knees, hands on his thighs. “I told my dad that you kissed me.” He signed to him, as if it was a secret he hadn’t been able to keep any longer. It made Donny smile, as he leaned his elbow on the pillow and rested his head on his hand. “He said you wouldn’t kiss me unless you wanted to date me.” He explained.

That’s true.”

Do you think Dominic would be angry?” He asked, looking worried instead of happy.

Donny sighed and thought about it. He didn’t want to lie, not about this. He knew that Rocco would be more upset with him for the lie than for preparing him for something bad.

No, Rocco. He wouldn’t be angry. It’s not for him to decide.” He answered as honestly as he could. Dominic wouldn’t be angry; he would be mad and then frustrated, maybe even a little upset, but he would eventually get over it.

I need to confess something,” he began, looking nervous.

Donny cocked his head, but knocked to encourage him to continue.

I really like you, Donny. I’ve never liked anyone the way I like you.” Rocco admitted, with that soft, sweet look in his eyes that he loved.

And I’ve never felt for anyone the way I feel for you.” He signed back to him. Normally Donny would leave the heartfelt confessions to someone else and go with the flow, expecting things to turn out badly in the end, as they usually always did. But this time he wanted Rocco to know how important he was to him. That he genuinely cared about him.

Donny took a leap of faith. Their kiss that morning had been instinctual, but a complete accident. He’d caught his arm so that he would turn and he could talk to him, but instead he found himself pulling him in and kissing him. He hadn’t even stopped to ask if it had been his first kiss. He’d been so captivated by those eyes. Every time he looked at Rocco they just shot right through him.

This time was no different. He held his hand out and Rocco took it without question, linking their fingers. He gave him just the slightest of tugs, to let him know that he wanted him to move closer. Gravity did the rest.

He pushed himself up at the same time as Rocco leaned down and they met halfway. Rocco’s hand gripped his a fraction tighter as their lips met.

Donny cupped the back of his head in his hand and by a silent, almost telepathic, agreement he lay back and Rocco moved with him. That slight, thin body lay over him with barely any noticeable pressure as they kissed over and over again, slowly, with care and real affection.

Donny knew then that whatever was sparking between them wasn’t one of those fly-by-night sparks that Chandler had so often. This wasn’t the kind of feeling he would get with just anyone. Rocco was special and somehow he was special to Rocco.

Rocco brushed their noses, breaking the spell of their kisses and lay his head in the crook of his neck. He still held his hand in that comfortable, familiar grip that seemed so natural.

Donny held him in his arms, feeling his legs slipping into a more comfortable position between his. He brushed his fingers through the head of blonde hair, thinking, as he realised that something monumental had just shifted in his life. Rocco had done something that would change the course of his entire future.

Using his free hand he brushed his fingers into Rocco’s palm so that he could sign to him, without him having to lift his head. “Have you ever had a boyfriend before?” He asked, since he felt it was important they cover the personal topics while they were alone.

No.” He signed back. He hummed, pleasantly surprised by that answer.

Me neither.” He told him truthfully. “I never had time with working and then playing basketball. Not to mention it wasn’t exactly easy to date; being gay, partially deaf and an orphan, oh and being a runaway.” He signed into his hand, laughing at himself.

Rocco lifted his head and looked down at him with a faint frown. “That’s not funny.” He insisted.

You heard me laughing?” Donny was confused.

I felt it. Here.” He explained, tapping his chest with the hand he was signing with.

Donny smiled and held their joined hands tighter to his chest. “Will you be mine, Rocco? Be my boyfriend and we can help Dom understand?” He asked, wanting a clear definition of what was going on between them.

Rocco nodded with a nervous but somewhat excited smile as he bit his lower lip.

Donny cupped his cheek for a moment with his signing hand, brushing his thumb over his jaw. “I have to go find a job tomorrow, now that the weekend is over. Do you want to come with me?” He wondered, hoping they could do something normal and fun together. Something just for the two of them.

I’ve never been to the village before.” Rocco signed into his hand.

Never?” Donny frowned, unhappy with that news. He shook his head, seeming entirely unconcerned. “Then you have to come. You need to see what’s out there. And we could get some lunch.”

I’d like that.” Rocco nodded. “But you won’t leave me?” He asked, with that vulnerable innocence that spellbound him so often.

Nope. Not for a second.” He promised.

Rocco smiled and gently brushed his fingertip over his left temple.

Donny smiled and closed his eyes to the tender touch. He nudged his head back into the pillow to get more comfortable as Rocco lay his head down on his chest. He wriggled around for a minute before finding a cosy spot and snuggling in.

Rocco still held that comfortable grip with his left hand, but his right drew soothing patterns through his hair onto his scalp. He wasn’t sure there was any better way to fall asleep.


Donny woke up with a groan that reverberated right through the hand on his chest. He smiled when he remembered falling asleep beside Rocco. The sensation made him tingle all over; he could only imagine how it felt for Rocco. He had never experienced sound before, so was the vibration of his sound just as spine-tingling for him, as it felt for Donny? It made him shiver inside, just thinking about it.

Hi,” Rocco signed to him as soon as he opened his eyes.

Donny stretched as soon as he sat up at his side.

Dominic says it’s nearly time for lunch.” He explained.

Did we sleep that long?” He signed back with a confused frown.

Rocco nodded; they had never intended to fall asleep, but it just felt too good to be curled up next to him. They must have dozed off for at least an hour, but he figured they needed it.

He said he’s happy for us.” He signed, with a great big smile. It was good to see that it made him so happy, as he lifted himself to sit up against the headboard. “And I told him you wanted to talk to him later.” He admitted, confusing him.

Donny frowned at him, not sure what he meant, so he explained.

About your hearing.” Rocco signed.

Donny sighed, about to argue until Rocco put his hand over his mouth.

He needs to know. He’s your best friend and he’s worried.” He signed, making him feel guilty. “He said he wouldn’t be happy about us being together if you were going to leave to go to college. I told him you’re staying. He says he wants you to live here with us. As his friend and my boyfriend.” Rocco explained, as quickly as he could, with one hand.

Donny had only just asked him to be his boyfriend; he didn’t want to be angry with him. And as much as he wanted to argue, he knew that Rocco was being smart. He didn’t want him going through this new change in his life alone. He caught Rocco’s hand and signed back. “But he’s going to flip out.” He protested.

No,” he argued, with sign. “I told him it was something sad and he said that we would get through it together. All of us.” He explained, with a sigh.

Donny ran his thumb over his adam’s apple, almost absently. It upset him, probably more than it should, to know that his vocal chords were damaged. Rocco couldn’t even vocalise a sigh or a laugh, that, as his boyfriend, he could hear. He didn’t want to dwell on it, but he knew how much it would mean to Rocco, to have that ability.

Rocco held his hand to Donny’s and gave him his best pleading, puppy dog eyes. “Please?” He begged him, with his hands.

Donny smiled softly, nodding his agreement. “I promise. After lunch I’ll tell them everything.” He vowed, one handed.

Rocco beamed in delight and leaned in to kiss him briefly.

Donny kissed him back and laughed. “I can’t say no to you. You’re right. If we’re going to be together, both completely deaf at some point, then we need all the help we can get to help me adjust.” He agreed with his plan.

Rocco’s happiness and sweet innocence made his heart leap with joy. He was exactly the right kind of medicine his weary soul needed right now.


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