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Extract: Date With A Demon

Date With A Demon



Perry’s eyes shot open, as he heard that voice again. For just a moment, as he’d been sleeping, he thought it was all a dream. That none of it had happened and he hadn’t even gone to the concert yet.

He’d had some weird dreams before, especially after that groupie drugged his water, hoping to have sex with him, six months ago. It hadn’t worked, but he’d had a hell of a time with hallucinations, until he’d realised what was happening and purged himself of the drug.

“I don’t appreciate being kept waiting, Peregrine.” Cade’s voice washed over him and he felt parts of his body waking up, that he hadn’t even used before.

Slowly, in fear and in an attempt not to make the world start dancing again, Perry turned onto his back, on the bed where he was sleeping. There beside him was Cade, in all his majestic glory.

“Where did you go?” He asked, his voice hoarse from sleep. His throat hurt too, for some reason he didn’t quite understand.

“Peregrine, look at me. I don’t like the look of you,” Cade said, sitting up and leaning over him.

Perry winced, as he turned his head; he ached everywhere. His eyes drifted shut and he heard a low growl that made him smile. His silver-haired man wasn’t happy; well, neither was he. He’d disappeared without a trace, letting him think he was crazy. Worse still, letting other people think he was crazy.

“You are not crazy, but you are sick.” Cade informed him.

Perry managed to open his eyes, surprised to hear that. He very rarely got sick; it had always been that way.

“You silly boy. Have you never wondered why? I do not want a sick man in my bed.” His companion said, with a click of his tongue.

He would have said something about that, and the constant confusion that swirled in his head, whenever Cade read his mind, but he was feeling a tad delicate and talking probably wasn’t the best idea right now.

“Yes, love. I kept you healthy so that you were ready, whenever I came to claim you. But those idiotic humans have poisoned you, so I’m very sorry to have to do this,” he said, placing his hand over his chest.

Perry wasn’t sure what he was doing, but a second later, he was leaning over the bed, throwing up on the carpet. When Cade’s hand left his chest, he thought that was it over, but then the touch connected with his back and he was sick three more times.

“Stop,” he begged, wiping at his mouth, with the back of his hand.

“No. I refuse to let them poison your perfect body with their concoctions.” Cade insisted, bringing his other hand around, to place on his throat.

Perry felt the bile rising, since it was all that was left in his stomach, and vomited it out, while reaching back to signal to the cruel bastard, to make it stop. He hit out at whatever part of him he could reach, gagging, because there was nothing left inside him.

“Please…stop.” He pleaded, barely able to breathe, for the course of energy that ran through him. He didn’t understand anything and he’d done everything he asked him to do. He wanted an explanation and it had damned well better be good. “You’re not sorry at all, so fuck off and leave me alone!” He snapped, when those hands refused to move.

Perry put his forehead on the edge of the bed, trying to ignore the sight and smell of his own vomit, on the floor in front of him. He was so tired; of life, of Cade, of being bossed around by him. He was exhausted, from having every nutrient pushed out of him. And that was without adding on the mental weariness.

When fingers danced over the back of his neck, he expected an apology or some sort of condolence, for not feeling well. But then those fingers locked into his hair, in a death grip, and dragged his head up off the bed.

“Ow!” He complained, reaching back to Cade’s hand, in protest.

“You pledged yourself to me, Peregrine. You swore, to Satan himself, that you were mine. There is NO taking that back now.” He spoke quietly into his ear, with a bite that said he was furious but wouldn’t show it.

“Okay, okay…just let go.” He gave in. He didn’t have any more fight left in him, after everything he’d been through.

He was let go with a push. He only just managed to put his hands out, to stop himself from falling over the edge of the bed.

“This is why I can’t stand humans. You are so weak, as a species. I thought I designed you better than that.” Cade complained.

Perry turned to look at him, as he moved back to sit against the headboard. Cade was examining his long nails, at the end of long silver fingers. The blue designs were still on his skin, only now they looked like tattoos. He couldn’t help himself; he reached out and brushed his fingers against the blue swirls that snaked up his biceps and around his shoulder.

Cade turned to flash a sexy smile at him, but didn’t protest to the touch. He kept searching, touching the lines that were drawn beneath the skin, right up his neck and around his cheekbone.

“Are these tattoos?” He asked, finding his courage again.

“No respectable demon would have something as mundane as tattoos, Peregrine.” Cade informed him, in disapproval. As if he should have known better.

His brain stalled on the whole ‘demon’ thing, but he tried not to think about it too hard. Right now, Cade was just an incredibly attractive fan, who had managed to play a few tricks on his tired brain. That was all he could be, because he didn’t believe in demons. No angels, no vampires, no werewolves, no demons; that was reality.

“Why do you lower yourself, with such thoughts?” Cade asked, turning, so suddenly, that Perry sat back against the headboard again. He had no clue what this guy was capable of, or why he was with him, talking about demons and the devil, but he was damned well not going to underestimate him.

Perry knew he wasn’t strong; he wasn’t tall or attractive, like the other guys in the band. He was the geek; the five foot eleven, lanky geek, with the unruly shaggy brown hair and boring grey eyes. He could play the guitar, the keyboard and he had fair skill with the tour trucks they used, to go from venue to venue, but that was it. He was nothing special.

“Oh, but you are.” Cade disagreed, with what sounded like a purr, as he crawled over and grabbed his ankle.


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