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Review Spotlight: All My Books

There are some reviews that made you smile, some that make you sad. As an author, we have to take every review with a pinch of salt and accept that we can’t make everyone happy. Saying that, this is a little thank you to all the reviewers. I’ve been blessed to have reviews from some of the most prolific Goodreads reviews.

These are some of my favourite reviews so far:


The Cellist

Review: This is probably my favorite if not the strongest story I’ve read involving a polyamorous relationship in this genre. For male to male ménage stories, it’s always difficult to separate the sex from the “actual story” – that’s just dumb I know since they should go hand in hand but you get the drill right?

The conclusion was just as perfect as the trio and I’d definitely love to read more from them because it feels like there’s more to their story that they need to share.
Miss White, this was a truly masterful piece! Congratulations!
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Reviewer: Arch Bala



Review: You know why I hv special fond in GFY theme ?
Cuz I love the “proces”.
The truth, the struggle, the realization, the denial, the journey, the recognition…all always interesting to follow.
This book has it and it written in unique way.
The “no-sex-deal” until the “right time” & “no-below-weist-make-out-rule” really heighten the anticipation.
And if you looking for energizer-bunny-kinda-sex here, just so you know, you won’t find it here.
But for me ? I don’t even care whether the sex is hot or not, as long as there’s something occupied me and make me forget about hot sex I usually LOVE !
Some things are indeed “worth to wait” !

Reviewer: Funzee Shu


The Other Side

Review: To see them fall in love more and more with every page it makes your heart melt. Grayson caring that much for Konnor and Konnor getting more comfortable with him and Grayson getting in a relationship, well, it’s awesome. In Decadent you just wanted to shake Konnor for being such a dumbass but now, seeing him vulnerable and really falling in love, it’s intruiging and amazing. You want him to be happy and find his own HEA. Will he even reconnect with Lachlan now with Graysons help? That would make his luck complete….Just see yourself!! “The Other Side” is an amazing sequel in the Decadent-series!

Reviewer: Anne


Runaway Girl - RG - Front

Review: Ah, great and intriguing experience and hats off to the author because she thought out this whole story line and unique plot. The characterization is awesome and the fact really touched my heart that the characters are well developed and fully flourished.
The author brought a total new take on the vampire genre where she made them familiar and part of the regular world rather than being spooky and alien.
The total concept of shattering soul and getting distributed among five different girls and then the quest of bringing back all the shattered parts and making them one and whole was really intriguing and interesting.
The action is power-packed and the suspense and mystery that the author introduced here with a pinch of romance is great and well thought and it really did spiced up the story.

Reviewer: Satarupa



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