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Extract: Forever Darkness

Forever Darkness

Book 1 of The Angelus Diaries

A series, that will continue on from The Belesone Pack Trilogy


TAD 1 - FD


Five years after the events of The Belesone Pack Trilogy, life has changed for the wolf-shifter pack.

Algar is just as resistant to a union with Josanna as he’s always been, but that doesn’t matter to the Elders. Once again, they’re demanding tradition be held with a firm grasp. As leader of their army and head guard to the Alpha, Algar has little choice but to unite with his true mate and produce an heir, to continue his family’s legacy.

But when Josanna disobeys Milo’s orders one too many times, not even the Elders can stop the Alpha from following his heart and doing what must be done.

The only question is whether he can do it in time to save Algar’s sanity.

*This trilogy contains spoilers to The Belesone Pack Trilogy. It cannot be read first.*


TAD 1 - FD



The door was unlocked, when Algar got home. He was hot, sweaty, but happier than when he’d left the Alpha’s house.

He’d worked out some of his frustration over the Elders and Josanna, while helping Jackson reorganise the building site. He finally felt like he could breathe freely again.

Knowing that he’d stopped Jackson from doing something dangerous and incredibly risky was a small relief. If he could stop him from making the mistake he’d made, it might help ease some of the tension building up inside of him.

“Dad, is everything alright?” he called out, as he hung up his jacket inside the door.

“Fine,” he called back.

Algar smiled, as he headed into the living room, to find his dad sitting at an easel, at the back window. His hand shook, as he brushed a few careful strokes at the top of the canvas. “Looking good,” he approved, as he took in the painting of their garden.

He ducked down and kissed the back of his head, before walking straight through to the kitchen. He poured himself a glass of water from the tap inside the fridge door, then returned to stand behind his dad.

The tremors were getting better, with the new herbal remedy Carlton had concocted, but he knew it would never cure his Parkinson’s. Nothing could; even in their world. But at least he had a state of the art electronic wheelchair; suitable for all terrain, with a battery pack that helped on hills. He often used it to accompany them on wolf runs, though his own wolf would only appear to bask in the sunshine or swim in the nearby lake.

“How are you feeling today?” he asked, watching his shaking hand dip into the paint, then drift towards the canvas.

“Fine. You worry too much,” Chester said, reaching his left hand up, to reach for his.

Algar took his hand and took another drink, as he watched his dad paint.

It was a miracle that the herbal mixture had given him this gift back; he couldn’t remember how long it had been since his father had painted, without excruciating pain, before he had Carlton’s herbal treatment.

“Did Callum call you or stop by?” he wondered, not sure how much he knew.

“Yes. He came by this afternoon and told me the good news,” he explained, gripping his hand a little harder.

He gripped back and slowly slid his hand from his grasp. “I’m going to take a shower, then I will come down to make dinner,” he promised.

His dad hummed, so he headed for the door. His duties were over, until ten o’clock, when he would take over a night shift at the Alpha’s house. He could talk to Callum about his good news then.

“Why are you late?” Chester turned with his wheelchair, as he asked him why he was nearly two hours late, getting home from his time with Angelus.

“Sorry, I dropped Angelus at home and the Alpha wished to speak with me,” he apologised, stopping in the doorway to answer him. “He says the Elders are coming tomorrow and they may want to see me. He thinks…we think they might try to make me mate with Josanna,” he admitted, awkwardly.

He knew it was wrong for a shifter to refuse their mate for so long, so adamantly, but Katarina had done it and the pain had been lessened because she accepted her fate, though she refused to live it. It was no different to the path he had chosen.

Algar couldn’t imagine mating with Josanna; she was the complete opposite of everything he wanted in a life mate, but he might not have a choice. If the Elders insisted, he would have to obey. At least his dad and Callum understood his reasons, though they didn’t claim to understand how he felt. No one but his Alpha, Leo and Katarina could understand that.

“I’m so sorry, son,” Chester sighed and turned back to his painting.

It made him smile, to know that he wasn’t going to keep talking about it. His dad had always made it clear that the choice was his own and he would never try to change his mind.

He just wished the Elders would do the same.


You can read the previous trilogy, The Belesone Pack Trilogy, free on –


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