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Character Casting: The Alpha and the Oracle

When authors write books, the first thing we think of is who is going to be in it. Who will be the lead characters, who will be backup and, in the case of a series, will each book be about the same people, or will each new book focus on a new main character.

We very rarely ask ourselves who will play these people, if it becomes a TV show or a movie. But this is something I like to do, for the fans, who want someone to visualise. Or fans who have read the book, loved it and wonder what it would look like in the world of Hollywood. It’s a fun nugget, so that’s what we’ll be exploring here.

This cast is for my new shifter novel ‘The Alpha and the Oracle’, which is book 1 in The Belesone Pack Trilogy. This means these people would play these characters through all 3 books. But later, when the next two books come out, I’ll reveal the main cast for that novel, as each book has a different couple as the main focus.



Now let’s meet the characters:


Katarina is the Oracle of the story and the catalyst for every major event that takes place during the trilogy. She’s considered the runt of the pack, the lowest of the low, all because she’s different. Her wolf, her manners, her abilities are all strange and odd to the Belesone pack members.

But her strangeness will be the one thing that will save them.

The tears were there, waiting to make their escape. But she wouldn’t let them. Not this time. She couldn’t. Because if there was one thing she had to do now, it was be strong and brave. She just had to be strong and brave for one week. That was no time at all. And when the week was over and Milo had found his true mate, she would disappear.



Milo is the Alpha of his pack. His position of power has been passed down, from generation to generation, since the beginning of their species. Able to turn at will and being the Alpha, Milo has always had trouble facing authority figures. But when the Elders tell him he must unite with Katarina, whether he likes it or not, he not only doesn’t take it well…he tries to find any way possible to avoid such a fate.

Until the day he realises that Katarina is a girl of many layers. All he need do, to understand her, is peel back the fear and belief that she is worthless, to find the girl within.

I know you’re scared of us being together, but we can’t be apart now. You’re my mate, Katie. My true mate. And I won’t let you run away from me now that I know that.



As the Alpha’s best friend, Leo has been granted the position of Beta within the pack. Not only does it come with much honour and respect, but a lot of responsibility too. After spending so long with Milo, helping him search for his mate, to no avail, it’s time for them both to come to terms with the Elder’s orders.

But along the way, Leo will discover a few secrets about his own life, that will rock him to the very core.

“If you believed I was your true mate, you would do anything to be with me. Even if it meant giving me the chance to work things out for myself,” he said, letting out a sigh.”



Josanna has always considered herself a good sister. Strong willed, popular and pretty, she’s everything that her dear sister Katarina doesn’t believe she is. Having had a crush on Milo, the Alpha, for months, it comes as a shock that her own sister is chosen to be his mate, by the Elders. But, what they decide is law. She’s happy that Katarina will finally see her own worth.

If only she could make the Beta notice her, they could both be happy.

““I’m so pleased for you, Kat. You finally did it. You proved it,” Josanna squealed excitedly, refusing to let go of Katarina.”



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