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Character Casting: The Secrets of Avelina Chronicles

The Secrets of Avelina Chronicles is similar to The Belesone Pack Trilogy, in that it is a family saga. The series follows Damian in his quest to become – and remain – the Master of his vampire clan.


SOA 1 - Damian's Family - Character Cast


Above, you can see Damian’s family. To introduce any more characters, would be giving spoilers to the series 😉 so we’re sticking with Damian, the main character of the series, and his wife Kaitlin. Their three children; Aubrey, Ellie and Knox are introduced in book 2 ‘Reckless Abandon’.

Now let’s meet the characters:


Scott Eastwood (2)

Damian has spent centuries as a foot soldier. He’s loyal, strong and opionated, but he would follow Lucius, his previous clan Master to Hell and back. When Kaitlin first enters his life, his heart is raw and vulnerable, from the exposure of a centuries long secret.

Once he accepts his fate, the weight of the clan is his to bear and he’s only too proud to take on that responsibility.

“He had placed the life of every one of his men before his own, and if that wasn’t the sign of a truly great leader, then he didn’t know what was.




AngeIina_Jolie 3

Kaitlin was born on a magical Island, before meeting Damian. Having opened and run her own magical store, since moving to his world, she gave up a lot to become his wife and partner. Now, they run the clan together and control the magical Island that was her birthright to rule.

Kaitlin is the heart of the clan, while Damian is the strength.

“If you want me, then I’m here.  I’m ready to be with you for all eternity, if you’ll let me,”



Stephen Amell 2

Knox is Damian and Kaitlin’s eldest son. Having decided to follow his parents, to become a vampire, he works as a coroner to Avelina and often assists the police in their investigations. When his father’s rule comes under threat, it is Knox who steps up to help save their people from persecution.

Clouded by his affection for a female police officer, Alexis, he fails to see the love that is right under his nose, for someone so innocent that he would never suspect it.

“”I can feel it, you know, when we’re together. Your heart races at my touch,” Knox whispered to her as a sly smile curled a corner of his lips.”



Emily Bett Rickards 2

Innocent and a little naive, Aubrey chooses to live on the Island where her mother grew up. She much prefers the traditional life of the Medieval style world. When that world comes under threat, she finds a little of her family’s fire within her, thanks to an injured soldier that she nurses back to health.

““What happened to you?” she asked his unconscious body as she tended his wounds. “You look as if you’ve been through the wars.” She sighed to herself.”



Justin Clynes2

Ellis is the balance between his siblings; tender when he needs to be, strong when the occasion calls for it, it is up to Ellis to save the Island, when it comes under attack from an old enemy. He is military minded, but calmer and more contained than his brother.

Whatever duty is required of him, Ellis will do what needs to be done.

Ellis smiled at her concern and kissed her cheek once more. “I promise. I’ll come home if I need help.”



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