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Author Resources: Book Blogs

Follow ALL of the book blogs on FB, that are relevant to your book. KEEP the notifications, so that they pop up on your feed. I know, sometimes, that it gets tempting to switch off the notifications on pages that you like, to ‘unfollow’ but still like them, to join an event and stop the notifications. There are times that this will save you HOURS a week, in scrolling through notifications, but don’t do this to blog pages.


This week, one particular blog has popped up 6 times on my news feed and each time it’s been a Pimp post, where I can post the buy links, name, tagline and a poster for my books. There’s no guarantee that it will generate sales, but it WILL get you noticed by the readers who count on these pages to give them good recommendations.

Some have ‘random swagging’, where they choose a random comment, made across the week, to give a swag pack to. If you win this, as an author, it’s great booty to give away at your next event.
Some also do competitions, where they pick the best teaser, book cover, of that thread and use it as their profile picture for the week.

A lot of these pages also do regular giveaways, so enter everything. As an author who is also a prolific reader, you could win some great books that you wouldn’t otherwise pick up. Or, as I say, you can win some awesome swag to give away at your next event.

The other key thing to remember is this:

Helping others helps yourself.


We should all, as Indie authors, be helping out our fellow Indies. We all get help along the way and it takes no time at all to pimp someone else’s book instead of your own, on one of these pages. Or, maybe, you can pimp your books but also take the time to pimp 1 or 2 others, who you know, like or thinks needs the helping hand.

 The more active you are, the more people see your face, your name, your profile picture.
So, here are some really active pages that you should be following, if you want to promote your book more:

Book Excursions Book Reviews

Paranormal Romance Trance

Triple A

2 Friends Pimp Your Books

Book-Lover bookblog

My Kindle Journey

Reading is Sexy Book Blog



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