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This is how I feel, right now:


Time seems to be running away from me, recently. My schedule is crazy and things at home at just as nuts.

At home, we’re doing a massive clear-out, because we’re getting a conservatory built. It’s something we’ve wanted for years, but we haven’t really had the incentive or money to do it until now. It’s going to be great, but another crazy circus for us to navigate, once the ball gets rolling and work starts. I won’t get any peace to write or think or edit. We’re lucky that we have a friend who lives around the corner; though she’ll be working, we can leave the dog at her house during the day, while the workmen are here, so that he’s not too upset by it, then pick him up at night. I’ll probably be going with him, to escape the dust and mess that will kick off my asthma.

At work, things are even nuttier.

Just recently, I took on some PA duties for the awesome author Sophie Slade and the publishing company Write More Publications (the place where I’m signed). I now handle their blogs, FB pages and majority of their social media platforms. With all the ‘schedule posts’ options available on most sites, it’s so easy to do and Hootsuite allows me to prepare scheduled posts for Twitter, too. I need to work harder on that, though, as all I’ve done so far is link the blog to the Twitter page and it’s not enough.

On top of that, I’ve got a gallon of books about to come out. In the next twelve months alone, I have 2 novels and 1 anthology with HIP and 6 novels with WMP. In the meantime, I need to edit and re-edit every book, before sending it to the editor. I need to make promo posters, select key quotes, set up Goodreads pages, events, find reviewers, work with beta readers and choose cover images for EVERY single book!

Sometimes, being an author is exhausting. It’s like waiting for a train – you can have six months where you have nothing much going on, plenty of time to write and edit and read, then suddenly everything happens at once.

Honestly, I miss reading. I’ve been trying to fit it in, in the evenings, before I go to bed. But, the problem is that I tend to forget what time it is, if it’s a good book, and end up staying up until 3am. Then I’m up about 9am the next morning, wondering why I can hardly get through the day.

Just when I think I’m making progress, something else crops up that needs done urgently.

The only consolation is that half of the books I’m bringing out this year are books that have been on my To Do list for a long time. Some of them need urgent attention, to finish the final book that’s already half complete. There’s one that’s nearly finished and has been waiting for those last 5-10 chapters for over 2 years now. And finally, I have a reason to get it done.

So, for as much as I have no time, I’m kind of glad about that. I’d be bored doing nothing, but I also would never get anything done. I’m a girl who works better with deadlines, so this year my butt’s been firmly kicked and I’m finally getting into motion.


2 thoughts on “Time

  1. Thanks for sharing. I know I, for one, appreciate all of your efforts for writers everywhere. You are an inspiration to many, and many times, sharing your feelings helps those around you connect with and respect you even more. Best of luck with the conservatory.

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