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Meet Lance Steel

Meet the MC in Sophie Slade’s amazing paranormal romance novel ‘Touched by a Vampire’. You can read my review here.


Lance Steel

“My thoughts go immediately to Lance: his touch, his dark, chiseled good looks, his bright green eyes.” ~ Leila
 Physical Description:

I walked out of the examining room and noticed a dark shadow, a tall man standing at the end of the

hallway. It was hard to tell, but he was extremely attractive with dark, wavy hair that just touched his

collar, brilliant, green eyes, and a regal air—a true Renaissance man.

His black Armani suit with a pristine, white shirt open at the color and no tie was evidence that he was a hospital benefactor, a businessman.


Hair: Black

Eyes: Green

Status: Vampire

Occupation: Casino owner

Interests: gambling, power, sex, reading, luxury, adventure

Nationality: British

Current Residence: Las Vegas, Nevada

Love Interest: Dr Leila Reynolds

Talents/Skills: speed, extraordinary vision, sexual prowess

Style: Old Fashioned Elegance

Greatest Flaw: Temper, Need for Vengeance

Best Quality: Loyalty, Kindness





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