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Coming Soon! – The School of Second Chances

The School of Second Chances is book 1 in a new trilogy, by Elaine White. Evander’s School of Enchanted Personage follows the lives of a group of young students, who are invited to attend a boarding school, where they will learn to hone and control their magical gifts.



When a group of mishaps are drawn together as the most prestigious magical school in Scotland, vampires meet banshees, witches meet wolves and things begin happening that haven’t happened for an age.

For these eight children, turning sixteen has never seemed so terrifying.

To learn how to hone their skills, they will discover more secrets lurking behind the shadows of their mythical lives than they ever realised existed.

How they survive the school is one thing…

How they survive each other is quite another…





*This extract is unedited and subject to change, before publication*

The silence was only broken when Evander stood from the top table of teachers and waited for the room to quieten down.

Thank you all for coming this morning. I realise that some of you are used to a long lie on Sundays,” he smiled at the newest table of students. “To begin, I would like to remind our resident dragon that fire breathing is not permitted within school halls. Hovering above students and scaring them with a burst of fire is hardly appropriate for an eighteen year old. This will be your last warning before we resort to more extreme measures. Please be warned,”

A group of older students found it difficult to hide their laughter as the guilty party stood from their table, took a bow for his audience and saluted Evander, as if they were friends.

Lane couldn’t get over the casual atmosphere and how their headmaster only smiled in amusement. As if to broadcast that he was the one being talked about, the red haired, six foot tall boy gave a stretch that flared out previously hidden wings. Their span was at least eight feet of dark grey, almost leather like material. He could only laugh at the look of absolute envy on Estelle’s face.

As it is the first assembly for our new students, let me welcome you to the school,” Evander began again, gracing them with a warm smile. “I ask that all other years behave appropriately in their presence and make a good impression on them. The students of my school should always be well behaved,” he reminded them.

Today is your day to explore and gain a feeling of familiarity with the grounds. Tomorrow you will begin classes and I ask that you pay grave attention to each and every one. They will become very important when it comes to how you fit in within the school,” he continued seriously, though a small smile continued to play at his lips.

Payson glanced across at Diantha, who was so busy examining her nails that she didn’t seem to be paying their headmaster any attention whatsoever. He figured it was easier to give up hope for her than waste time praying for something that was never going to happen.

Our next assembly is a special one. Instead of congregating in the morning, we will meet for the evening meal in celebration of a special event. Evander’s School for Enchanted Personage will officially be one hundred years old,” Hirum announced, much to everyone’s delight. “You may spend the day as you wish, but the evening will be spent within this hall, celebrating. And I ask you all to attend; there will be some rather intriguing entertainment…we will be having a fancy dress ball,”

With the words, there was a room wide cheer. The older students whispered about the fancy dress they would be expected to wear, for the ball. It trickled from one table to the other, until someone leaned over and passed the news to Sheldon.

A smile spread across his face when he heard and he waited for a short moment as Evander finished his speech and invited them all to eat breakfast.

There were two large jugs of milk on the table, two packets of cereal and two plates, one with scones and the other with croissants, all ready with a variety of spreads to choose from.

Sheldon waited until they had settled and finished arguing over who was reaching for what, before sharing the news with them. “The fancy dress is that we dress up as the stereotype of what we are. So vampires dress as vampires, witches dress as witches,” he grinned, apparently already plotting how he was going to dress up.

Harry Potter immediately slid into Payson’s mind; he was just having trouble deciding which character he might choose to be.

So…fangs, capes…” Payson approved, wondering which vampire from the movies or TV shows he was going to choose. He didn’t want to be covered in glitter and go as Twilight; it would be too difficult to get rid of afterwards, but he didn’t want to go full hog and do the old Nosferatu look either.

Angel,” Riley leaned across and whispered to him.

Payson frowned, confused about why he wanted him to dress up as an angel when he was a vampire. But as they sat together, passing items to each other like they had done it for years, with the perfect synchronicity and no fussing of familiarity between them, he managed to explain quietly.

From Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Her boyfriend Angel was a vampire. I can get you pictures online if you want? We’re allowed to use the computers in the library for class research,” he explained, quietly.

Is he worth dressing up as? He’s not covered in glitter?” he asked nervously, hoping to avoid embarrassment at the ball. But he liked the way Riley smiled and laughed at his words, looking around as if to check that no one could hear him. Then he surprised him even more.

No. He’s very cool and gorgeous. He’s kind of my favourite vampire,” he claimed, innocently.


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