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Meet Dr Leila Reynolds

Meet the MC in Sophie Slade’s amazing paranormal romance novel ‘Touched by a Vampire’. You can read my review here.


Dr Leila Reynolds

 “My Dearest Leila,

Time pales in the exquisiteness of your beauty.

Even jealous Aphrodite would demand of the Creator,

“Why did you make this creature, who is more beautiful, more lovely than I?”

You are my love, my life, my Leila… my queen.

Come back to me.

Your Knight Forever,



 Physical Description:
I laughed to myself. Even though I was only twenty-nine, I had been a doctor for two years now, which included four years of pre-med, four years of medical college and two years of residency, but my long blonde hair and blue eyes made me appear younger.

O’Malley let his eyes travel up and down my five foot, six inch frame and smiled.



 Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Blue

Status: Human

Occupation: ER Doctor

Interests: working, working and caring for others

Nationality: American

Current Residence: Las Vegas, Nevada

Love Interest: Lance Steel

Talents/Skills: medicine, communication, compassion

Style: Always-working Scrubs attire

Greatest Flaw: Infidelity, inability to resist temptation

Best Quality: Kindness




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