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Coming Soon! – A Royal Craving

A Royal Craving is a new solo novel, due to be released with Encompass Ink/Hot Ink Press in Jan 2016. The story follows the live of Spencer, a deaf human in a world where disabilities are unheard of. The sun is dying, vampires rules the humans and he ventures forth on a discovery to find love, meaning and a life with so much more freedom than the one he has.



Poor and deaf, Spencer struggles to live in a new world. In search of hope, aged just thirteen, he defies the city and his parents, to visit the prophetess. After promises of a struggle between a path to death and a path to love, he’s left with a token of the risk he took.

Five years later, Spencer chooses a path that leads him straight into Prosper’s arms. Disfigured, the vampire King sees himself as nothing but a monster to haunt Spencer’s nightmares.

Can a simple human bring Prosper out of the shadows and back into a world that desperately needs his guidance?


A Royal Craving #2



*This extract is unedited and subject to change, before publication*

Before he could talk himself out of it, he kissed the boy, deeply, his body humming with need, when he was kissed back. Light hands touched his bare arms, sending a shock of sensation through his body.

The lad seemed unsteady on his feet and Prosper wondered if he felt the same dizzying sensation when they touched. He had never shared a kiss with someone before and did not know the proper etiquette on how long to wait before a simple brush of lips was not enough.

The boy’s lips slid from his own, as he sank onto his heels. Prosper had forgotten how great the distance was between them, yet when he looked for a sign of regret, there was nothing. No revulsion, from feeling the scar that travelled down his cheek and over the left side of his lips. Nothing to suggest he was horrified by their touch.

You are very tall,” the boy noticed, just before he beamed a radiant smile. “Will you meet me half way, Master?” he asked, softly.

Prosper was incapable of speech, so he acted. He let his hand cradle the back of the boy’s head. The moment he leaned in to kiss him again, his companion met him halfway, brushing a brief kiss onto his lips. Then they parted over his bottom lip and sucked, lightly. He sucked the very scar Prosper had worried he would detest, shooting pleasure through his sensitive nerves.

He was prepared for the second kiss, parting his lips to let his tongue taste the inside of soft lips. He was met by an enthusiastic response; a tongue touching his, a faint moan and the boy’s attempt to push higher onto his tiptoes.

The chemistry was magnetic, demanding he never stop kissing this boy.

Prosper could not contain the moan of arousal as he kissed his young man, exploring his mouth eagerly. Once he had the reassurance of his returned kiss, he allowed himself to move on.

He parted from their kiss to lavish a young, supple neck with appreciation. Unable to resist, he let his vampire teeth respond to the thudding pulse that beat at his senses. He licked them, to ensure a pain free bite and let them sink into the soft flesh, groaning as blood filled his mouth.

The boy gasped and his head lolled back, freely offering more.

Prosper drank eagerly as fingers entwined in his hair. He was so high on his desire that his knees shook. He relocated them to the bed with his preternatural speed, where he lay the boy down and hovered over him. He savoured the way fingers clawed at his hair, as their bodies came into contact.

With the boy’s body supported by the bed, Prosper forced his hands to still, refusing to let them wander. He had no right touching him. He had offered his blood freely, not his body. But the temptation was great. He wanted to feed on this electrifying boy forever, to savour the taste of his blood, the touch of his body beneath his hands.

He could not stop himself; his companion moaned as Prosper cheated. He used his mind to disintegrate their clothing and allowed their naked bodies to touch.

Prosper pressed down on the willing body beneath him. They both wanted this; he wanted this boy’s hot, sweet body surrounding him. But he knew better. He wanted to give him a courtship and had ruined that. He would not take his innocence in this frantic way.

He used his thumb against his jaw to tilt his head, as he fed greedily from his neck. If he did not stop soon, the boy would pass out, but he could not find the will to stop. He was hungry like he had never been before.

He revelled in his power. This beautiful, innocent boy was his; beneath him, his to control, his to do whatever he desired. His baser instincts screamed to drain him dry, but his human nature said to claim him. He could not decide what he wanted to do first.

When he felt the boy’s movements hindered, he knew he had gone too far. His hand was between strong thighs, as his young friend squirmed, rubbing cold skin against his hand.

He was freezing.

Prosper realised that beyond wanting to make love to this boy in his clutches, he wanted to protect and care for him. If he was cold, he would warm him. If he was hungry, he would feed him. If he was sick, he would care for him.

It was a revelation that hit him with force.

Prosper groaned and forced himself to back away. His hand stilled between his thighs, pushing into the mattress. He felt so guilty. His thirst was satisfied long ago, yet he had continued feeding.

All he could do was look at the unnamed beauty beneath him and wonder how he was so lucky. Rosy lips were parted in pleasure, cheeks flushed, his responsive body moulded to his.

Why did he want him? Whatever reason, he refused to be an overbearing monster or vampire Master. Not to this incredible boy.


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