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Book Review: Wild Pitch (Homerun #1)

Book – Wild Pitch (Homerun #1)

Author – Sloan Johnson

Star rating – ★★★★☆ (3.5)

Ease of reading – Easy to read

Cover – Nice

Suitable Title – Yes

Would I read it again – Not sure


Honestly, I waited a long time to read these books, because I hate starting a series, then having to wait forever for the next instalment. But when the opportunity to sign up for an ARc of book 3 came up, I took the opportunity.

I was a little disappointed. Don’t get me wrong – the story is good and the characters are great, but I had a few niggles that stopped it from being as fantastic as I expected it to be.


1 – I didn’t feel any chemistry between the main characters outside of the bedroom. When they’re inside the bedroom, the chemistry is sizzling, but outside of it, all they really do is argue, have misunderstandings that don’t really make sense and lack communication skills. Since these two have been bestie’s for nearly seven years, it doesn’t make sense to me that the physical relationship should be nearly flawless, but the personal side is a disaster.

2 – They’re more hands-on and sexualised than I expected, when I began reading it. Knowing they were both in the closet, having waited seven years to be together, I get why they would be eager to race ahead and enjoy what they’d missed out, but it didn’t fit with their characters or their history.

3 – I get that Mason kept a really big secret for seven years, but so did Sean and yet, there’s no mention of that. I feel like that should have been mentioned, somewhere. Sean never once confessed his feelings, yet this never came up as an issue. I feel like this was as important as Mason never admitting that he was bi, but it is NEVER mentioned, after they get together.

4 – Although Mason has never been with a guy before, he jumps at the chance for a physical relationship with Sean, which I kind of understand. He’s been waiting for seven years, but there’s not even an ounce of hesitation, no uncertainty and no lack of confidence or knowledge about going through with it. Yes, research and waiting for it can eliminate the ‘no knowledge’ part, but there should be some internal doubts, concern, hesitation or whatever. Instead, Mason is the one always saying “Yes” and Sean the one putting it off.

5 – When Mason confesses to what’s going through his head, because Sean asks him to, suddenly it’s wrong. Not only does Sean act like it’s wrong, but Mason still believes that he was wrong to speak his mind, weeks later. This is part of the lack of communication I spoke about earlier – neither really takes the time to evaluate or think about what they’re doing/saying. They act/speak and then react. They’re no consideration or understanding, until it’s all blown up.


Individually, I love these guys. Mason is quirky and fun, a little more easy-going than Sean, but going through some epiphany about his life. Sean is the serious ball player, with a plan of how his life should be, and he can only really let loose when he’s drunk. Both are in the closet, but are tempted to come out, for each other.

The story started interestingly enough, with a Prologue about Mason’s wedding day, when Sean tried to stop him from making a mistake. It was sad to see that Mason thought he HAD to get married, but I knew it would only be a matter of time before something happened, to change the way Mason and Sean saw their lives.

There’s no mention of how long it’s been, between the Prologue and Chapter 1, until much, much later in the story and this was really confusing, for me. I didn’t quite know how long had passed or what that might mean for the characters, so it took me a while to settle into the story, after the Prologue.

I love drunk Sean, but I’m a little confused by it. Everyone keeps saying that he’s not a heavy drinker, that he can always tell his limit, yet he gets really drunk on two separate occasions. He’s a really fun drunk, but it feels like Sean getting drunk is a way for them to avoid talking about things until later.

Mason says “There will be time for us later.” but the whole way through this book, that never materialised.

I was a little worried about the whole ‘baseball’ theme, because I know nothing about it. Also, I’m in the UK, so some of the terms that are used in US-based books really stump me, but this one was the exception. The baseball was in terms that I could understand (though it took a while to find out what DL meant) and there were no American terms that I had trouble understanding.


I think the main problem I had with this book was that, although it had amazing potential, it was just a little rushed. From the set up of the Prologue, I expected it to take until maybe halfway or later, for Sean and Mason to figure out they wanted each other and were willing to take the risk of admitting it. However, this came around the 20% mark and everything after that is them figuring out their relationship.

That would normally be fine, but everything seems to happen really quickly. They jump into their physical relationship, though they wait until after Mason’s divorce is through, before actually having sex. And, despite all the misunderstandings, this never hampers their physical relationship and they don’t really make a real attempt to talk things through. All the stages of the “romance” aspect of the story are missing for me, leaving it a little flat in places.

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