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Best Guitar Solos

There’s something unique about the way a guitar can speak to the soul. I was introduced to Classic Rock, as it’s now known, by my dad. He’s a big Scorpions, Deep Purple and Led Zepplin fan and I’ve become one too. I get my pop and New Romantic musical taste from my mum.

You could easily put every single Santana, Deep Purple or Thin Lizzy song on here, but I’ve picked out some of my faves for this list.

I can honestly say that making this list was really difficult. Not because of the lack of songs, but because some of the guitar solos aren’t the classic riffs that usually make it into lists like these. These songs have moments where the guitar playing just sings out louder than the lead singer ever can. That’s why there included here. Also, because they’re kick ass songs.

Trust me, there’s nothing more inspiring for the writing of a hot, sexy moment or an anger fuelled fight, than a great guitar solo. Enjoy.



Here are some other great lists on Spotify:


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