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Book Review: Triple Play (Homerun #3)

Book – Triple Play (Homerun #3)

Author – Sloan Johnson

Star rating – ★★★☆☆

Ease of reading – Easy to read

Cover – Nice

Suitable Title – Yes

Would I read it again – Not sure





I’m really not sure what to make of this one. Yes, it was good, but again there were problems that kept it from becoming great. I’m giving it a 3, mostly because of potential for what it has and could have been. Unfortunately, that isn’t enough to drag it up to a 4, because there’s a lot missing from this plot. That might be because there are 3 MC’s that need their POV, but I’m not sure. It read as a longer book than the others, but that might just be because I didn’t enjoy it as much.


1 – There was no seduction. Not Drew, Eric or Bryce had to TRY to seduce or even flirt with each other. Drew and Bryce had their set up in book 2, but even then there was no hint of seduction. It just happened. They sort of fell into each other and that’s not my thing. I much prefer when they have to work at it.

2 – Again, once they started having sex, the story really dipped in plot and excitement, for around 20 or 30%. This seems to be a common theme in this series.

3 – Not much baseball. The others had games or even training to mention, but this one didn’t. I understand why, but it was missed.

4 – They jumped into a poly relationship without really talking about it, thinking about it or considering what it might mean. They just considered it a natural and obvious solution, when the suggestion was presented. Before that, things were actually going great.

5 – Eric. It can pretty much be summed up in that one word. He was great through the other two books and I was excited about him getting his own story, but it fell flat for me. He didn’t have any romance, just a physical attraction that was sudden and out of the blue.

6 – There are still a lot of unanswered questions, for me. Like, whether Mark was Drew’s attacker, as I think he might have been. Whether Cam is still working in the kitchen of the sports centre or if he’s actually got his own kitchen, because his life was basically ignored in this story, outside of the cooking show. I assume – and hope – those questions will be answered in the next book.

7 – There was a mention, at the beginning of the story, about how hard Bryce had found it to get over what happened to Adam. But, sadly, this wasn’t followed through on. I thought his mental demons would be similar to Jason’s and that Drew and Eric would have to help him through that, but there was literally only one mention of it and then it never reappeared. From that moment on, Bryce was the easy-going, in charge member of their trio, acting like he hadn’t a problem in the world other than the teen centre, Pot of Gold.

8 – I wasn’t thrilled to find out that these were the events hinted at in the Epilogue of book 2. Quite honestly, looking back, I don’t think an epilogue was needed for book 2, if it was going to give this massive spoiler away about book 3’s plot. I would have been more concerned about Drew, the attack and his survival and the injuries and recovery, if I hadn’t already known that he was sitting watching the first cooking episode with the boys, with a cast and a bunch of bruises. I think that epilogue spoiled the surprise of the attack on Drew quite a lot.


I loved the detail and authenticity of Drew’s injuries, attack and his recovery. As someone who spent a considerable amount of time in hospital, the whole aspect of not wanting company, being grumpy all the time and over-reacting is real. That part was handled really, really well.

Drew and Bryce had some really awesome chemistry in the first 50% of the story. Then, Bryce and Eric had some good chemistry around the 70%-80% mark. Unfortunately, that didn’t follow through into Drew, Bryce and Eric having chemistry between all three and it never amounted to Eric and Drew having chemistry together.

I really liked that all the characters from previous stories were back again. Cam and Mason were just as great as before, Jason was just as brilliantly snarky but adorable and I even loved the addition of Cody, who will be an interesting character.

I liked the way Drew’s parents accepted the poly relationship, with a little tripdation but enough trust to know that it was Drew’s choice.

I also really loved the mental confusion and chaos going through Drew’s head, at the start of the story, before he knew he could have Eric and Bryce at the same time.

I thought the inclusion of Pot of Gold was a great idea and it did get a lot of the plot, or at least as much as it deserved. I also loved the way that it progressed the relationship of the trio, and how it shaped what’s to come next.


There were a few editing issues, as with most unedited Arc’s, which made it slightly more disjointed to read than the others. I trust they’ll be addressed, so I haven’t taken that into account, when rating it.

Overall, I found Eric to be the odd man out. I could feel Drew’s connection to Bryce, but never to Eric and I found it odd that he was the one Drew turned to, during his nightmares. Eric’s part in all this felt more reaction than attraction, as both he and Drew admitted – in their POV’s, but not in conversation – that they’d never had feelings for each other, until they had their first shower together. To me, that’s not romance and it’s not chemistry, considering how long they’d been room mates before that. I would have liked a hint of something, maybe in the previous book but definitely before that shower, to hint at a romance.

I already see that Cody and this new guy, Nick, will be the pairing for the next book. That could be interesting, because Cody is a good character and Nick seems interesting.

Again, however, there are still unanswered questions that leave me with no doubt that this is NOT the last book in the series. Sadly, as each book varies in how much I enjoy it, I can’t tell if it’s going to be a hit or a miss. I’ll have to read it to find out.

I came away with mixed feelings about this one, so I’m including my run down of the series so far, in this review, for that reason. On one hand, I’m glad that it drifted from the almost identical plot of books 1 and 2 – two guys get together, have doubts, one walks away then comes back, and they have an HFN – but it felt disjointed to me. The plot fell flat in places, felt rushed in others. I think that although the attack on Drew was the catalyst for most of what followed, the recovery time and some of the stuff between him and Eric drifted away from the real plot and complicated the flow of the story.

Good, but not as good as the other two.


There are real common themes within this series:

  • power bottoms, who have generally never/rarely bottomed before

  • the bottoms want it to hurt, want sex all the time

  • once the sex enters the story, it falters for anywhere from 20-40% of the story

  • the romance/chemistry isn’t constant

  • characters have a tendency to overreact and walk away in nearly every book

  • sex solves everything

  • no sense of time – between chapters, sometimes months or years have passed, but we’re not told this clearly with a timeline, but have to wait for it to slip into the story/conversation. There are mentions of months or holidays, but it’s not always clear how long that it, from where we’d been before.

For me, the strongest book in the series was book 2 “Curveball” because it had the chemistry and emotional connection that the other two were lacking. This book “Triple Play” is the weakest, in my opinion. Though the plot had potential, it just didn’t follow through. The chemistry was weak and flat, while the characters only gelled together when they were in a hot and heavy situation.

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