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Intimacy: in Pictures

As writers, one of the most difficult things we can write is intimacy. There’s a fine line between intimate, sexy and overboard. Especially when you’re writing a sex scene or a really impactful moment that you want to be tender, yet sensual in a way.

Here are some photographers who can say better in one picture, what I could say with a thousand words or more. Click on the image, to be taken to the original site.


*DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of these images, nor claim to. I am purely using them as a reference material and have credited the artist, photographer, model, publication where possible.*




(Photographer: Ewan Phelan and his wife Brianna)



(Photographer: Ewan Phelan and his wife Brianna)



(Photographer: Dawn Hartman)



(Photographer: Mads Nissen)



(Photographer: Emmanuelle Bosse)


couple-photography-love-maud-chalard-22__880 couple-photography-love-maud-chalard-8__880 couple-photography-love-maud-chalard-17__880

(Photographer: Maud Charland)


(Photographer: Harold Feinstein

Asleep on Board Walk, Coney Island, 1946, Anne Reed Gallery)



(Photographer: Pleasant Dreams, on Tumblr)



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