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Book Review: Crossroads (Eternally Yours #2)

Book – Crossroads (Eternally Yours #2)
Author – Sophie Slade
Star rating – ★★★★★
Plot – action packed!
Characters – as brilliant as book 1
Movie Potential – ★★★★★
Ease of reading – very easy to read
Cover – Great!
Suitable Title – Yes
Would I read it again – Yes


I had the honour of reading this as a beta read, before anyone else had seen it and LOVED IT! It’s just as good as book one, with Lance getting to tell his story, this time around.

I LOVE Lance!! He’s so suave and sexy and he can say more with one look or a few words than other guys need pages to say. It doesn’t hurt that Sophie’s dream casting places Liam Hemsworth as Lance. I mean…swoon!


And, yes! I totally spent the entire book thinking about Liam Hemsworth as Lance. The fit is perfect. Especially in the hot, steamy scenes with Leila. I thought, with them married and baby Jace to take care of, that the heat might die down and the sex would take a back-seat to being parents and married life, but was I wrong or was I wrong? Holy Hotness!
I mean, Sophie’s not afraid to pull a rabbit out the hat, when you least expect it. I thought the alley and elevator scenes in book one were hot, but the car scene and the chaise ‘quickie’ were HAWT!


I’m in love with the new characters, too. Adeline is interesting and I’m really curious as to how she’s going to affect the story. I also heard a rumour that the Werewolf Alpha Xander will be getting his own book series. I can only say Hallelujah! I am so intrigued by his character and by the weird but interesting chemistry between him and the “should-be” Alpha Elias and their human girl Kalyssa. They could be something interesting.

But, my heart still belongs to Lance, even if it does drift, occasionally to Kellen, who is still amazing and hot, especially in his new suits. I’d love to see him get more of a story and a HEA of his own, but I don’t see it being with Crissy. It just doesn’t fit, for me, so I’m interested to see how his story will turn out, in the long term.

I also love how the plot picks up straight from the end of book one. There’s no pretense of everything being hunky dory. We’re straight in, at the wedding, and then we get a little hotness before the action starts. Of which there is plenty.

See this?


That’s the great, kick-ass action you can expect from this book. Intense, quick and fiery, but perfectly fitted into the plot and the characters. The action fits in with where they are, what they’re doing and keeps the spice alive, in their marriage. It causes fights, arguments and resentment, guilt and all the emotions of any other character. But with these guys, it’s suped up to a supernatural level.

The other amazing addition is Jace, himself. Now, as a baby, at the start of the book, he shouldn’t be a big character, but he is. He’s a dhampir, so his growth rate is ridiculously quick and he’s talking before the end of the book. This not only makes sense, for the world Sophie has built, but it makes things interesting. Jace becomes this handful of a toddler and does all the unexpected things that kids do. He grows, learns and he’s very much showing off his vampire tendencies in this story. I love that!

The really interesting thing that caught me completely by surprise, was the venture into Lance’s past, with flashbacks. I loved seeing how he became a vampire, but also how it still affects him. I spent most of the book thinking that Selestra – a character from the flashback – would make an appearance. But, I’m not going to ruin the story for you, by saying whether or not she does. 😉

It was great to see the witch Raven pop up again. She’s a great character and I love the depth that she can add to events and the mystery she provides. I always know that when she makes an appearance, something really bad, but really good, is going to happen.

I totally had a moment, thanks to Raven, where I sat there reading and did a fist bump, while yelling “PLOT TWIST!” in excitement.

And that ending…


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