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New Features for 2016

The blog is getting a shake up for 2016. Some new features will include:

  • more reviews
  • more of “You Might Like”
  • a Book Quotes feature
  • a Book Rec feature (both from books I’ve read and ones I’ve been recommended)
  • a Romantic Quotes feature, as inspiration for those romantic novels
  • more new releases
  • more blog tours
  • more picture inspirations
  • holiday shopping lists (great books for Valentine’s gifts, Christmas and more)

and plenty of the usual awesome stuff you’re used to.

I’m hoping to open up the Review option on the blog again next year, now that I have a solid plan of how I’m going to spend my time. I absolutely love discovering new authors and I’ve found some fantastic reads through the Review page. I’m so grateful to every author who trusted me to read their work and who offered me the chance to discover a new world within their pages.

I’m also hoping to do some more interviews next year, as I know some fantastic authors that I want to introduce you all to. As always, we’ll cover a wide range of genres: MM, MF, Sci-Fi, Paranormal and more. I’m always looking for that new hot thing, so if you know anyone who needs and deserves some recognition, send them over and I’d be happy to give them all the exposure they want. I’m big on promoting Indie and Self-published authors, but I never discriminate against traditionally published authors either.

So, no matter how you sell your book, keep me in mind.


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