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Reviewing: Divine Magazine

This year, my main aim was to read more books and spend less time editing, for publication. There are so many incredible books that I’ve been dying to read and not enough time to read them, because of all the editing I’ve been doing, preparing books for publishing. This year, my publishing schedule is a little more lenient, so I took it upon myself to answer an ad, asking for reviewers for Divine Magazine. It was posted in one of my favourite M/M groups on Facebook and I figured that if it didn’t work out within the first month, I could always back out and say I’d tried.

It’s working out brilliantly. In the first month of joining, I’ve already found a dozen books that are right up my alley. Some that I’ve had on my Wish List since I knew they were going to be published. The ones I was lucky enough to review had been fantastic and more brilliant books are offered every day.

You can follow my reviews here, or on Goodreads, where I’ll be posting all my reviews after release date.


Here are just some of the fantastic books I’ve been allowed to read:



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