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Book Review: Assassins in Love 1-2, by S.C. Wynne

Assassins 1-2


Book 1: Assassins Are People Too

Marc Francis is a paid assassin. Other than that, he’s a pretty normal guy, like how he’s got a little thing for the blond guy in 39D. Just a normal guy with a normal crush, until one of Marc’s enemies tries to get the drop on him in the elevator and then it’s the blonde cutie to the rescue: Dillon Carter, from 39D, sacrifices his potted plant to save him.

Instantly, Marc and Dillon develop a strong sexual connection. As the months go by, while they steal time together, it develops into something more. But Marc doesn’t really do relationships, and Dillon worries Marc will never be able to love him back the way he needs.

Also, when you’re a paid assassin, not everybody is rooting for your happy ever after.

Book 2: Assassins Love People Too

Dillon Carter’s boyfriend, Marc Francis, is a paid assassin. That little fact makes having a normal relationship very complicated. Especially when there are people out there in the big bad spy world who hate Marc so much the last thing they want is him to end up happy.

Obsessive enemies, ex-lovers and poisoned espresso do nothing to make Marc and Dillon’s trip to Italy relaxing. In fact, they’ll be lucky if they survive at all.


Book – Assassins Are People Too (Assassins in Love #1)

Author – S.C. Wynne

Star rating – ★★★★★

No. of Pages – 115

Movie Potential – ★★★★

Ease of reading – very easy to read and follow.

Would I read it again – YES! Give me more!


Reviewed for Divine Magazine

Nooooo! Cliffhanger alert! Cliffhanger alert!

Okay, so I literally just finished reading this and…what can I say? It was brilliant. Funny, quirky in a great way, intense but also sweet and sensual and…you get the picture.

Editing wise, there were a few niggled – backwards/missing quotation marks, full stops instead of commas and the Epilogue was like a brand new line on the last chapter, instead of on a new page. Oh, and it’s 1st person, which I normally detest, but this one was brilliant and wonderful and I barely noticed.

Who cares?

Dillon and Marc (like that’s his real name) are an incredible couple. They meet by circumstance, because they live in the same apartment building and both notice the other is hot. Natural. Normal. Then they’re in the elevator one day (within the first page) and WHAM! BANG! SPLAT! Someone tries to kill Marc and it takes geeky Dillon to save him. There’s this intense, hot, lingering sexual tension between them from the get go and it never fades.

Marc comes and goes. He kills and screws around with Dillon for a while, then things get heavy and even more intense. Arguments ensue, jealousy rears its ugly head and suddenly up is done and nothing is normal anymore.

I love both main characters and HATE with intense loathing Brendan. Dillon is this sweetheart, with fire and feistiness that I adore. Marc is a tough nut, who thinks himself closed off and incapable of emotion. But when they’re together, they’re dynamic and sexy and fun. Some of their conversations were hilarious and I really loved their sense of humour.

Overall, I could gush about this one all day, without ever knowing how to properly talk about it, without giving away spoilers. Which I absolutely don’t want to do, because then you wouldn’t read it and you should. You have to.

Assassins? Check

Romance? Check-Check

Danger? Triple Check

What more do you want?


Favourite Quote

Okay, I had A LOT of favourite quotes, so I’m going to include what I highlighted, as long as they don’t give anything away. The first two are the fun, cheeky ones, but the second two are the ones that broke my heart.

“He looked like the sexy boss in the office who you fantasize about during his PowerPoint presentation – not the guy who puts a bullet between your eyes.”

“This dead guy on my shoulder was a good reminder of why I could never have a normal life with someone like the cute blond guy in 39D.”

““I’m just the supersmexy paid assassin.” I smirked.

He smiled, but there were little worry lines around his eyes. “And one day you’ll just stop coming to see me. I won’t know if you’ve retired or been killed.””

“He looked up, and his eyes were dark with pain. “It’s not fair. You should be mine.””


Book – Assassins Love People Too (Assassins in Love #2)

Author – S.C. Wynne

Star rating – ★★★★

No. of Pages – 105

Movie Potential – ★★★★

Ease of reading – very easy to read

Would I read it again – Yes


Reviewed for Divine Magazine

For me, this one suffered the curse of Book 2. It happens every time with me. Book 1 is so incredible that I’m giddy and barely able to vocalise what I loved about the story. Then Book 2 comes along and something is lost in translation. Thankfully, this one wasn’t TOO lost. It was a minor issue that I can easily overlook, to come back and happily delve into the next book in the series and, hopefully, the next one after that.

The characters were just as great. They keep their old personalities and quirks, while having time to explore more of their new ones. The story and plot line was well developed and paced, too, which was great. I never felt rushed or that the story stagnated anywhere. Both books in this series are the perfect length required to tell the story properly. All too often, with action/adventure stories, book 2’s plots try too hard to out do the last book. Wynne did a brilliant job of making sure that didn’t happen. It wasn’t necessary. These characters and their stories are strong enough to stand on their own two feet, without exaggerating the plot or making it ridiculous, with too much action or not enough.

As for editing, there were less issues than book 1, which was great. One or two missing quotation marks and nothing else, as far as I noticed.

What made the book lacking, for me, was the constant bickering between Marc and Dillon. It was all repeating the same conversations over and over again. Though their fears made sense, it got a little repetitive to keep reading the same arguments in new words, in new places. That’s when I lost interest and it took me a few pages to really pick back up again. So, due to how often that happened, I was being nudged out of the story by the argument, then had to ease my way back in again about a dozen times.

I get that Marc is an assassin and he doesn’t open up, but it irritates me the way he uses that as an excuse to not be completely honest. Dillon has placed his whole trust in him and Marc can’t do the same. He hasn’t even revealed his real name to him, which I’m not happy about. At the same time, they haven’t known each other long, so it makes a little bit of sense to be hesitant. But the repetition of that got in the way of what else was going on between them. There were some really amazing “moments” where Dillon gave up the fight and placed his heart, soul and trust into Marc, with no reason to except that he loved the man. It made me sad that Marc couldn’t return even a sliver of that trust.

For that reason (the repetition) I removed one star. It was the disconnects that made reading this one, at only 105 pages, take longer than book 1, which had about 10 pages more. Without that, I would probably be as speechless as with book 1, because I really do love these characters and their quirks.

I loved the new additions, Leo, Gianni and Ronan. They were all great in their own way. I even liked meeting crazy Julio.

There were still funny, hot, intense moments. I even liked when Dillon got drunk and said all the wrong things at the wrong time, because he was sticking up for himself with the same spunk and fire that I’d loved in him in book 1.

Overall, I can’t wait for the next book. It will be nice to see Ronan and Gianni again, but I really hope all the focus is still on Marc and Dillon. Those two guys have some serious issues to work on.


Favourite Quote

“He had no idea the power he had over me. I was wrapped like silk thread around his perfect fingers, and he had no clue.”

““It’s not easy for me to talk about…my feelings.” My voice was stiff, and I wanted to be able to say stuff without it seeming like I was being tortured.”


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