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Book Review: Dust on the Wing

Dust on the Wing


Captain Tam spends his life travelling through space on his beloved ship, the Paradigm Princess, and he likes nothing better than being alone with the horizon. However, when a routine stop on his favourite planet brings an unexpected new crew member, he breaks routine and agrees to take her on board—because if Tam plays this through, the powerful Marquis will owe him a favour. Surely that’s worth a detour.


Book – Dust on the Wing

Author – Parker Foye

Star rating – ★★★★★

No. of Pages – 66

Movie Potential – ★★★★

Ease of reading – very easy to read and follow

Would I read it again – Definitely.


This was one crazy ride and I loved every moment.

Tam was such a great character and all those moments with the Marquis were filled with so much chemistry and sexual currents that I was waiting for an explosion of epic proportions. I’ve seen other reviews comment on how it’s an awkward relationship and how Tam runs away from the Marquis’ attentions, but what I got out of the story was something else. To me, there was a real emotional relationship and understanding between the Marquis and Tam.

When they moved into the physical side of their relationship, Tam instigated it. Yes, there was a moment when the Marquis wanted more, but Tam made the lines clear and they had a sort of understanding about what was allowed and what wasn’t. When it came to that line, the Marquis was caught up in the moment and not exactly pleased to be denied what came next, but he didn’t argue about it either. He actually included Tam, as he took care of the problem himself. In that moment, there was some real tenderness between them; it was a touching moment and, I think, the reason Tam thinks so fondly of the Marquis and keeps coming back to him.

I picked this up as it was part of the LT3’s Solitary Travelers collection, which has been so great so far. This one was no exception. The entire series has been a hit. This story was an exception, since it had quite a bit of swearing and a sex scene, which although not graphic or explicit, surprised me because I expected this to be a YA story. Because of the content of this one, I’d say it is a little more like a NA. For me, despite being non-explicit, the still palpable sex scene had the flames flickering and really gave me an insight into how Tam and the Marquis worked on compromises and understandings.

As for the plot, the world building was fantastic, the detail perfectly balanced and the characters real and relateable. I loved the use of the Card Suits as “gangs” or communities within the world. It was a unique aspect and really worked, in explaining who got along with who and made the grudges easier to understand.

I’m really sad that the book is over, as the end came as a surprise and far too soon. I need more of Tam and the Marquis. More from this world and more from the author. This can’t be the end. Please?


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