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Book Review: How Not To Summon Your True Love

How Not to Summon Your True Love


Though it doesn’t really come as a surprise, Cy is still crushed when he’s dumped. His relationship with Alex had lasted longer than all previous attempts, and started promising when Alex had proclaimed he was perfectly okay with Cy being asexual.

On impulse, convinced no one will ever really see him as worthy relationship material, Cy turns to a book that belonged to his late mother, a grimoire of magic spells that obviously won’t work. It’s a stupid idea, and even if magic was real there’s no way a true love summoning spell would work for him.


Book – How Not To Summon Your True Love

Author – Sasha L. Miller

Star rating – ★★★★★

No. of Pages – 144

Cover – Geeky, but fun.


POV – 3rd person

Would I read it again – Yes!

Genre – LGBT, Ace, Paranormal, Contemporary




Having read a few witchy stories before, I was so pleased when this took an unexpected turn. There were surprises around every corner, a heavy doze of adorable romance that had me grinning in hope and plenty of action to keep the attention.

Grammar/spelling wise, there were a few typos (missing words, missing full stops etc) but nothing major. Plus, the meant nothing in the overall scheme of things. Nothing affected the reading or understanding of the story.

The awesomeness of the romance grabbed my heart early on. Although there was no “mutual” emotional/physical anything until the end of the story, the chemistry was palpable and it was right to build up the friendship between the MC’s first. Just because Cy’s spell said that Dig was his true love, didn’t necessarily mean that it would all work out in a happy ending. And I won’t tell whether it did to not, but you’ll have to read it. You should read it.

I absolutely loved the fact that the witches belonged to and were confined to different territories and that they had “alliances” of some kind with the local State police, so that they were informed of magic use, but also able to police and keep out other territory families. This was a bit plot driver, at the midway point, which really took me by surprise in a good way. So often, witch or paranormal stories have no input from the police, even when it’s necessary. The inclusion here was perfectly balanced between logical and necessary.

I loved the characters and the way they fit into this contemporary, witchy world, that wasn’t clogged with magic flying everywhere in ridiculous ways. The car chase was realistic and made sense, while the detail of the story upheld the rest of the plot lines.

Overall, a total winner. It’s difficult to tell you what I loved about this, without resorting to spoilers, but all I can really say is that it was a fantastic offering of Ace romance, with a glimpse at realistic situations. The way Alex pressured Cy and the disappointment of his previous relationships never understanding his sexuality is real and handled sensitively, but with honesty. I couldn’t have asked for more.


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