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Book Review: Refraction, by Hayden Scott

Refraction - Hayden Scott

Refraction - Hayden Scott 2


Max Jackson is your typical teenage boy, concentrating on his classes at school and being accepted into a good university after graduation. There’s just the small matter of the bomb in his basement, one Max and his fellow members of the “Injustice League” plan to use to level their city’s unethical government. Too bad superhero Crush Goodman puts a stop to their plans. Max understands why Crush would steal the League’s doomsday device, but why is Crush following him around and acting like they’re friends? When the reprehensible Doctor Decay butts his head into Max’s business, Max has to figure out how to save the city he’s always worked to destroy—with or without Crush’s help.


Book – Refraction

Author – Hayden Scott

Star rating – ★★★★★

No. of Pages – 52

Movie Potential – ★★★★ (Think Sky High, but better)

Ease of reading – very easy to read

Would I read it again – YES!



Reviewed for Divine Magazine


This was amazing! It was such a fantastic Young Adult story, with plenty of character development, a kick-ass plot and and still suitable for all ages.

It has action.

It has drama.

It has teen romance.

Oh, and it has a really AWESOME cover!

There were Superheroes. Supervillains. Super complicated romantic entanglements and lots and lots of cheese-tastic goodies. Think classic Comic books, geek fuelled, high octane, ridiculous superhero vs supervillain drama, with a dash of young adult hormones.

We have a strong, independent, African American supervillain of a lead character in Max, who is all kinds of snark, opinions, hormones and more. Then we have the blonde, perfect superhero Crush, who lives up to his name in more ways than one. Together, as Max and Crush, they’re awkward teens, trying to bridge the gap between popular and unpopular, with developing new feelings for each other. As Dynaman (who can fly!) and The Crush (with great powers of strength), they’re highly invested Arch Enemies.

In this, you get a superhero you can be proud of and a supervillain you wish you were brave enough to be! What more could you ask for?


Favourite Quote

“Max felt a grin bust out of his face. “This was great. We should go home, though!”

“Okay, just let me grab my–Max!” screamed Crush as Max pushed him off the building.

“Don’t worry,” Max shouted, “I’ll catch you!” and dived off the roof after him.”



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