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Search for Reviewers – Allegiant Publishing Group


Allegiant Publishing Group are looking for reviewers and blogs to do promo for them.

Books would be supplied for free, in return for an honest review. And a coupon code would be given to each blogger/reviewer, to post along with your review/promo post. The code would allow 15% off the book purchase for any readers that see your post.


To find out more and discuss thoughts/options, contact Marc Estes at –


About Allegiant Publishing Group

Allegiant Publishing Group, Ltd. is headquartered in New Hampshire. It owns and operates three traditional publishing imprints that focus on giving authors unique, tangible advantages that are not offered to them by their competitors. Allegiant Publishing Group currently owns an imprint interested in nearly all genres; an imprint that focuses on fantasy, science fiction, the paranormal, and the supernatural; and an imprint that publishes anthologies of short stories and flash fiction.


Company Values

There are far too many publishing companies, and businesses in general, that either do next to nothing for their authors or clients or don’t do as much as they possibly could. We recognize that if our authors don’t make money, we won’t either. We make every effort to help our authors in whatever way possible, and we are constantly looking for ways to improve how we help our authors. In fact, one of our imprints, Snow Leopard Publishing, even offers its authors the chance to voluntarily serve as members of an Advisory Board.

Publishers owe things not only to authors but also to readers. Publishers these days are making poorly written books best sellers. Our imprints focus on quality and profitability rather than solely on the latter. Our readers can rest assured that they won’t spend fifteen dollars on a book that needs a fifteen thousand dollar editing job because quality is as, if not more, important to us as profitability.

 Any amount of success is not acheived solely by ones own efforts. Saying “thank you” to someone when you accomplish something is always appropriate. We heartily believe this and say “thank you” by supporting a variety of charitable causes through our imprints. The Snow Leopard Trust Fund and The Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund are among the charities supported by our imprints.

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