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Book Review: Texture Like Sun, by Ils Greyson

Texture Like Sun


Liang is a painter. While there’s nothing else he’d rather do, he’s ready to be finished with his current commission; he’s been in one place far too long and it’s starting to wear. His only relief is in the lucid dreams he’s been having. They feature the same strange man, and though he seems to find Liang incredibly frustrating, he keeps returning to Liang’s dreams. The conversations are often odd, but the company is welcome.

Xerxes is an incubus. When he’s drawn to the dream of an attractive foreigner, he’s expecting a fun night and a tasty meal. He is certainly not expecting to be given a sweater. All his seduction attempts fail spectacularly, leaving him annoyed and confused.

But more than anything, he’s curious—curious enough to visit Liang in the waking world. Unfortunately, the waking world also holds danger for Liang, in the form of the man who commissioned him. A man who has decided that no one else should be permitted to enjoy Liang’s skills.


Book – Texture Like Sun

Author – Ils Greyhart

Star rating – ★★★★★

No. of Pages – 45

Cover – Nice

POV – 3rd person

Would I read it again – Yes.

Genre – LGBT, fantasy, paranormal




I really enjoyed this. It’s a rather sweet story about an asexual painter who feels emotionally and physically attracted to an incubus. It’s an odd pairing, but it works. Having a painter who used magic to take colours from the world – literally from trees, the sky and such – was really original and intriguing.

The whole concept of an incubus meeting someone who doesn’t know what an incubus is or what to do with one was really fun. To see Liang flounder through meeting, never understanding Xerxes’s frustrations, was great. There were some really sweet moments, but also some funny parts. There was also a nice inclusion of a “concubi” and a “procubus”, which are not concentrated on sex.

There are a few spelling/grammar issues. It would have been nice if the last scene was a proper Epilogue, as well, with a warning of how long it had been since the previous scene, as it was confusing for a while.

Overall, it was a great short story, with some brilliant characters and a really original story.



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